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Importance of Breakfast in Student’s Life

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Importance of Breakfast

Breakfast is proved to be one of the most important meals of the day, and as a student, we tend to miss this meal the most. Sleeping late at night and then waking up late in the morning, the best way to save time and reach the class on time is to skip breakfast. But do you realize how dangerous it is for you? Not only health-wise but academically as well. If you miss your breakfast daily, you are less likely to pay attention to your lesson. What’s the point of going to lecture if you are not actually planning to learn anything? The habit of not taking breakfast could later result in creating serious health issues, and students still all over the world are skipping their breakfast, particularly with their growth. The platform of Custom Assignment Help will explain why students do not take breakfast and how it is affecting their health and academic as well.

Students also often say that their stomach does not accept anything so early in the morning, therefore, taking breakfast in the morning mostly result in nausea and in extreme cases vomit as well. However, by the team they are in the middle of the first session, they feel hungry, and what do they eat then? Junk food, a pack of potato chips with the soft drink. Nearly 60% of the adults do not take breakfast in the morning, and this routine continues throughout their life, which is mainly why people suffer multiple diseases in their old age. The students who take breakfast regularly are more likely to participate in class activities actively and perform better in the school.

Moreover, the regular takers of breakfast are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases as well, such as T2D and heart attack. Students who take breakfast daily are more attentive in the classroom, and their productivity is increased too. Parents are often seen facing difficulties all over the world in convincing students for taking breakfast. Sending children school empty stomach is hard for even parents as well.

Missed Meals

Most of the students miss their breakfast as they are in a hurry as students mainly think that sleeping late and gossiping with friends is more important than taking timely breakfast. In the teenage or mainly in student life, health is the most ignored aspect of an individual as they consider themselves healthy already. Most of the schools are now offering breakfast on their menu; however, the home-cooked breakfast is better than the breakfast that is offered in the school cafeteria. On the other hand, some parents are also in favour of school breakfasts as they think that their mornings are now smoother as she does not have to make breakfast for her children anymore. Mostly the working parents prefer it when their children take breakfast in school. AS they think making breakfast in the morning requires so much energy, particularly if you are making it for more than one person. Nevertheless, it must also be noted that the breakfast that is offered in schools are not as healthy as the home-cooked breakfast; therefore, it usually results in the increased rate of obesity in children as well.

Morning Meal better productivity

The students are advised to take light meals in the morning, such as a glass of milk along with some light fruits, are enough to provide necessary nutrition for the day. It is important for the students to have their brain as well as their body activity throughout their session. Nevertheless, without breakfast, they are most likely to perform poorly in school and achieve bad results. Most of the students, mainly females, are the ones who skip breakfast as they are short on time.

Nevertheless, in such cases, they are advised to wake up on time so that they can take their breakfasts timely and perform better in school as well. However, there are a few students that think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they cannot function without taking morning coffee. The excess of anything is not good, people who take cups of coffee time after time in order to stay awake. Most of the students adopt this habit which is substantially wrong as this habit mainly results in the increased obesity or in extreme cases T2D as well.

Better Productivity

The study shows that students who take breakfast are more likely to perform the better and secure highest position in the classroom. This is mainly why their minds are fresh in the morning, along with their bodies as well. However, in case of the medical problem and if you struggle with the stomach ache, then it is advised to the students to take a light meal in the morning.

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