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Iced Vs. Hot Coffee: Which One Is The Best?

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Iced Vs. Hot Coffee

Ice and hot coffee both have different taste and flavor. They have different types of the fan also. Both iced coffee and hot coffee has the same amount of caffeine but they have different taste. Let me tell you my story every day I wake up, get a shower, and get dressed and after that take a fresh cup of delicious coffee. Without a strong cup of hot coffee, I feel incomplete. It seems like I am less energetic also uncomfortable. Almost every coffee freak person has the same feelings.

On the other hand, iced coffee is less acidic than hot coffee. From the research, we have seen that cold brew coffee has almost 67% less acid than hot coffee. When the coffee grounds are brewed with hot water it releases some oils full of acidic compounds. If I come up and give you a piece of advice then it is iced coffee is healthier for your teeth and stomach as it is less acidic.

Figure: Iced vs. hot coffee

Let me give you some reasons why iced coffee is better than hot coffee

1.    It’s easier to make at home

It takes less time than the hot coffee to make and serve with your family members. Cold brewed coffee requires only a pitcher and a mason jar to complete the cooking process. Easily you can make a tasty coffee and keep the feelings for the next 10 days. The ingredients are pretty simple you just need some ice, milk, sugar, and coffee. You need to blend it properly and enjoy a tasty homemade coffee.

2.    Iced Coffee is a necessity for every beach baby

Do you like to enjoy the hot summer in front of a beach? How about this idea? I believe a tasty cup of iced-coffee will add beauty to your vacation. You can enjoy the fresh air with a delicious iced coffee. Looks fresh! Just imagine you are relaxing in the beaches with a black sunglass and a delicious iced coffee in your hand. How mesmerizing it is! In that case, a hot coffee could be less comfortable.

3.    Nothing compares to the first sip

Consider a very busy day dragging yourself out to the University and then go for a job and again ended with tiredness. Now, how about a fresh cup of iced coffee for $5? I swear to the creator it will remove all the tiredness, fatigue, stress and keep you really calm for the next move. It is undoubtedly more powerful than hot coffee.

4.    More flavor more fun

Cold brewed coffee has more flavor than a hot black coffee. You can add different types of flavor here strawberry, date, orange, apple, mixed fruit,  and so many things. In that case, you will have more space to make some experiments. You can make experiment with hot coffee also but I believe Ice coffee is more interesting than others.

5.    Say good bye to the burnt tongues 

This is a very common problem for all of us. Sometimes you get afraid whether your tongues are being affected by the hot coffee or not. It happened, especially for the little children. If they wish to take coffee the possibility is cent percent. On the contrary, cold brewed coffee will give you relax and you feel a lot more comfortable?

Last few words

From this above discussion, I believe you will get a brief idea about the hot or cold coffee and its real-life impact in our daily life. Now you should buy a perfect coffee maker and experiments both these two.

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