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How To Use The Baby High Chair?

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How To Use The Baby High Chair

Between four and six months of age is when your baby will be able to use this type of baby furniture since it is until this age that he will be able to support his head by himself. You should not force him to use them before, no matter if the chair has a high back because your baby will not yet have the ability to sit up and may hurt himself.

The American Academy of Pediatrics made a list of essential tips for the safety of babies when using highchairs. We invite you to follow it:


  • Do not leave your child alone and without observation when he is in the chair. The most frequent accidents with this type of baby furniture happen when they are left unattended for a few minutes. Remember that your baby will be exploring and constantly moving when he is sitting in it.
  • In case there are more children inside the house, do not allow them to play with the chair if your baby is sitting in it.
  • Use the seat belts of the chair. These are to prevent falls or, for example, that your baby falls through the spaces of the chair. The crotch belt prevents your baby from making sudden movements and falling forward or backward. We recommend that you do not squeeze them too much so that you do not cut off your little one’s blood circulation.
  • Never allow your child to stand on the chair, as they may slip and the chair may fall on them.
  • Make sure the chair is always properly closed.
  • Place the chair away from any surface that your baby can push with their feet or hands, as it can be dangerous.

In case you have an old wooden chair, make sure it complies with all these safety measures. Otherwise, you can only use it as an ornament.

Live the stages of your little one to the fullest, but always remember that the most important thing is their safety.


Time For Your Baby To Use The Highchair!

The highchair is one of the essential accessories that you will need because it represents one of the stages of your baby’s growth: the moment when he will learn to eat sitting down and, in addition, he will begin to share time with the rest of the family.


It is a versatile element that will not only allow your baby to be seated safely, with a tray in front where you can support his food but also put play materials on him and interact with him from a different perspective. It is, therefore, an integrating element that will be very important for the baby to begin to practice new skills by interacting with other members of the household.


Around 6 months of age, the baby begins to give solid foods such as cigarillos, fruits in porridges, soups, among others, and for this, they will need their own chair to eat.

The models of baby seats to eat are very varied and depend on the needs of each family. Baby seats are very practical and can greatly facilitate mealtime especially since parents will not have to carry them, but it is advisable to take into account some aspects before buying a high chair for your baby.


  • It has to be safe, for this it is important that you have a seat belt so that the baby does not slip or come to rest on the chair.
  • The structure must be firm and stable.
  • It must have anti-slip on the base.
  • That the chair is made of an easy-to-wash material.
  • It is essential to read the specifications of the chair, regarding the weight limit.

Next, I will show you 3 types of chairs. As we have said, parents should choose the chair that best suits their lifestyle and especially the one that makes your baby feel comfortable and can share family moments at the table.


Multifunctional Chair:

The Campione High Chair has 6 different heights, 4 backrest inclinations, which allows comfort for both parents and baby, and 3 trays. It has a modern design, a stable base with non-slip pieces, padded and adjustable seats. It has a 5-point harness. The age of use is from 6 to 36 months approx.


Elevator Chair:

The Boosters Deluxe Comfort Baby Booster Chair can be adjusted to the height of your baby and also has an adjustable tray for greater comfort. It has a compact and foldable design. It is easy to wash. The age of use is up to 6 months.


Portable Chair:

The PractiBaby Portable Chair is safe and compact. Easily fits on all tables. Ideal when visiting friends or family, or when eating out at a restaurant. It has universal hooks adaptable to most tables, an anti-spill system, and a protective harness. Recommended age from 6 months to 18kg.

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