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How To Swipe The Sales Funnels With These7 Samples Of Content That Converts Exceptionally Well

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7 Examples of Content That Converts Exceptionally Well (And How to Swipe the Funnels) image

Content marketing is an effective way to get ahead and benefit the customer without getting carried away on your sales technique. It could be troublesome, however, to strike the right balance. Your content must not keep ignoring your products and services, but you want to ensure it contributes value to the customer first. If we admit the truth without misleading our eyes, we understand that content marketing is all about generating revenue. Whether that’s SEO, brand recognition, or generating leads, we’re inevitably creating content to boost our bank accounts’ weight significantly.


At our design and marketing agency, we collaborate with companies to strengthen their SEO, content marketing. Prioritizing the use of conversion-based content is one process to transform visitors into potential leads. Making your content relevant will draw more customers in making your website rank higher. But if you are still struggling with your website’s ranking, catch up with us. We are the most reliable Dallas SEO Agency.


Are you struggling with content ideas that pay you in return? Are your content format and style becoming monotonous? We are here to help you out. Our experts have rounded up 7 top content examples that convert exceptionally well. Let’s dive into it.

1) Quizzes

Have you ever come across those questions that say, “Which pop star from show Y are you?” Do you find it exciting? Do you click on it? The answer is yes. It is said that 72% of the individuals find such quizzes exciting, and they click on them. Quizzes, particularly if they’re connected to a trend, fandom, or something which gives you a thrilling feel, convert well. The key is to link them to your deal or product.


Don’t forget to add the element of enthusiasm and fun into the quizzes. Such kind of content is likely to get more shares, engagements, and comments. This interaction will make your brand credible, and peoples won’t forget your brand.

2) Blog Posts

The keys to composing a well-converted blog post are in the genre, storytelling, and catchy content. Yes, you would like to give exceptional customer experiences. Give your audience free access to the best blogs you have written up till now. This helps to maximize the conversion rate. When you’re writing a blog post, integrate a few other content forms. Visualizations, clips, and list formats work. And it’s crucial to make content easier to read and optimize it to be visible on all mobile devices.

3) Videos

You might have been trembling your head in confusion, pondering that capturing potential leads directly from video content is unrealistic. Well, it’s not the case.

If you want to stay competitive in the crowded marketplace, you must figure out a way to capture your intended crowd’s attention and interact with them. Video is a great content marketing approach for small business owners as it produces such an alluring profit margin. Another way to boost the selling process and increase the effectiveness is to deliver personalized video clips to prospects via email.

4) Trim the Irrelevant Words

Eliminate unnecessary information.

From an SEO perspective, pages with internal and external embedded links can easily be flooded into large blocks of content. Of course, this creates value, but it can divert the attention of readers. If you make the content wordy and excessively drag it with redundant information, your reader won’t stick to the topic. Ensure to deliver to the point content and information. Adding excessive words to prolong the sentences won’t help to make conversions.

5) Add Urgency

Another factor that makes more conversions is to grab people’s attention in your content. Adding an element of urgency will help to do so. Using FOMO (fear of missing out) is the most result-driven strategy brands have been using.


Restriction of time or accessibility. Fear of losing out. These are not just the elements you would need to incorporate in your digital ads, landing pages, and content marketing. These are the considerations that you need to enact across the board. For instance, if you’re planning to charge anything for your forthcoming webinar, workshop, audiobook, or research, try giving the first 100 users free access. This will significantly improve the presumed value of the content and improve your content’s chances of going viral. Adding curiosity and hype to your product’s limited edition will make customers take quick action and purchase your product as it will not be available in the future.

6) Incorporate Relevancy in Your Content

Brands must achieve significance and relevance. Creating relevant content is among the compelling way of keeping your customers connected with your content. These days, the idea of relevance is being understood and surrounded by an aura of mystery. We perceive relevancy as a stylistic component or a flair that most writers put into their writings. But this is not the case. Relevance in content is connected with more rational and systematic views. Writing about a stylish and eye-catchy brand’s personality is vital but writing about its actual usage and practical benefits is what keeps your content converts.

7) Emphasize the Clarity

Clear and precise copy and content are how you converse real value that your entire crowd understands. Make your content easy and quick to understand. Avoid colloquialism and optimize your content with more straightforward terms and appropriate sentence structures. Content filled with jargon won’t portray your thoughts effectively. SO ensure to follow a proper and clear direction for your content. Doing so will significantly boost your conversion rate.

Follow the above tips and methodologies to help your content catch up with maximum conversions.

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