September 18, 2021

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How To Save Money Every Month

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How to Save Money

Do you want to start saving a lot of money right away? One of the questions that plagues millions of families is how to save money each month and spend less money in order to have more money to set aside for the future or to invest in other businesses.

Many times we focus on increasing the salary: it is a race to those who take more money from their work without thinking that you can earn very simply with small tricks use millets discount code that allow you to set aside several thousand euros  every year.

It all lies in carefully organizing one’s expenses, identifying the right strategy for weighted savings.

A cordial welcome to My Business, the blog dedicated to all those who want to do their own business and live an efficient life from a financial point of view. The advice I have collected for you is the result of my personal experience: I personally test every strategy to reduce my expenses because I believe that, in order to have more money, it is necessary to learn how to save significantly.

There is no perfect recipe to save a lot of money, but it is not an impossible alchemy anyway.

Many times, we waste so many of those economic resources without even realizing it in activities that appear to be habitual but which in reality are just a waste.

Let’s try to give some useful tricks to immediately reduce your monthly monetary needs, here are 35 strategies to follow to immediately reduce your expenses.

Monetize your free time by rounding up your income

Rather than watching television or scrolling through the Facebook wall, it could be very interesting to monetize your free time by creating an extra income.

An easy that does not require special skills is offered to us by the paid survey sites.

In practice, large companies commission surveys of their products or services from a series of specialized companies. These companies, in turn, are always looking for people who want to undergo these market analyzes: for them there is a remuneration in cash or in gift certificates.

With a little effort you can take home up to € 250 per month and increase your income along with the many other tips that I am giving you in this guide.

All you need is:

  • a pc or smartphone;
  • an internet connection at home or on a mobile phone;
  • some free time to devote.

Reduce Bank Charges By € 120 Each Year

What the heck do you need a credit card for? Did you know that when you buy without having the money, you are charged an interest rate that can even exceed 10%?

Also, although initially offered free, credit cards have an annual fee that you have to pay.

I don’t want to talk about the accounts offered by traditional banks or post offices: they also cost € 8-12 per month without giving you any service.

If you are a normal worker, you just need a free online current account or a prepaid card with IBAN: trust me, everything else is superfluous.

An interesting offer that we want to point out is Carta Tinaba , the brand new card that offers you a € 10 welcome bonus by entering the code TINABA10 .

The activation procedure is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes. All new customers will have a free account and card, will be able to withdraw cash for free at the counters and will be able to send and receive money instantly.

Earn up to € 250 per month without doing anything

What you are about to read is all true and, above all, safe because we are talking about an opportunity offered by the largest market research company in the world.

As this is a great opportunity, it is unfortunately not always available and, consequently, I invite you to read the following carefully because it could really be interesting for you.

The well-known company Nielsen, which specializes in market research, is looking for people who want to download the application to browse online.


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