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EIYU * SENKI GOLD – A NEW CONQUEST: REVIEW And in my harem – Lancelot and Napoleon!

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So, we act in the role of a more or less typical anime hitman who, by some unknown way, was transferred from his world of computers and wet teenage fantasies to a wonderful world, where all real historical or mythological characters are represented by beautiful waifu speaking (or rather, funny chirping) in textbook girlish Japanese. Naturally, at first the hero does not remember anything, so the first girl who found him – the ruler of the city of Sendai, by the name of Date Masamune, decides to use the little man for her own purposes: she calls him her brother and convinces him to start conquering Japan (here it is called Log Horizon season 3).

The girl does not like the isolation policy pursued by the ruler of the country, but then her appetites grow, and we are talking about conquering the whole world. And we don’t really resist. Moreover, the leaders of the conquered / annexed countries and cities, be they Napoleon, Christopher Columbus or Ivan the Terrible, are each beautiful in their own way. And we do not kill them, but we persuade them to join the ranks of our growing army of dear sisters (as the main character calls them), so that later we can communicate with them and start romances. What guy in his right mind would refuse such a thing?

What unites them and justifies our plans of conquest is the presence of a common enemy – these are the Templars, led by a colorful Christian woman, who scatter dark spheres all over the world, and they sow chaos around. And it is clear that it is our hero who, with the help of some artifact, is capable of collecting and absorbing these spheres.

At the same time, he tries to “remember everything”, hears strange voices, sees fragments of the past (and what, quite an intrigue!) And communicates with his amazing harem. In addition to purely conquering or defensive missions, about which a little later, we always have access to personal quests related to certain girls, each of which has its own characters, dialogues and history.


Seduce, Conquer, Conquer!

In addition, the game is designed not only for perverts who are eager to undress Ivan the Terrible because this is a girl who runs in the snow in a white fur hat and white panties (there is also enough fun cranberry playing with the national flavor in the game!).

Eiyu * Senki Gold – A New Conquest is also quite capable of challenging tactical and strategic talents. In many ways, it is similar to the Total War series : there is a clear division into global strategy and tactical battles. On the world map, we choose which mission to carry out further, where to move and whom to conquer. Action points are spent on this – at the beginning there are only two of them Best Grenade spots dust 2, and then gradually it becomes more. They made their move – it is transferred to other countries under the control of AI, which may well try to recapture the cities and provinces captured from them.

You can see which cities are already available, how much they bring income to the general treasury. And there is also a list of missions – in addition to conquest and personal missions, there are also additional missions that bring money and new equipment. Gold is used both for the purchase of equipment and for the treatment of units under the control of our dear sisters – in this way we restore their numbers, which are only slightly replenished with each turn.

Well, directly tactical battles take place on a separate arena, where we first place the girls’ squads in the cells, focusing on their class specializations. Ahead – those who prefer close combat, behind – mages, healers and arrows. And you also need to take into account the range and direction of attacks and skills. For example, arrows often fire only in a straight line, along which other skills inflict through damage. Or there is an artillerywoman Perry (a hero of the American Civil War, if that!), Which must be placed behind everyone – so she can cover three enemies with a volley on opposite lines at once.

And then, on our turn, we use each squad’s skills, the strongest of which are not immediately available in battle. You can and should also move the fighters depending on the situation, in order, for example, to enter the enemy’s line of defeat. Each squad has indicators of number, damage, defense, speed and luck, which we also increase with equipment. Many items increase some indicators, while others lower – here you need to be careful. And the size of the squad gradually grows depending on how often and successfully it fought.

Women’s Battalion

So, all these exercises only at first seem to be light nonsense with an erotic bias – the further, the more often the game will begin to punish you for such an attitude. Enemies controlled by AI and counterattack, trying to reclaim their territories, and grow stronger over time. And if you miss the moment when it was necessary to conquer the capital of the enemy with a swoop, then it can turn into a source of troubles – from there they will regularly make raids.

And this slows down your development and distracts forces – you always need to have in reserve heroes who did not perform actions on your turn, so that they could defend territories on the enemy. Therefore, it is important to correctly distribute the girls on missions, taking into account the total limit of action points, the strength of enemies and some specific conditions. For example, Why is Max mute in Max and Ruby? there are missions that involve negotiations, and you need to send as many heroes there so that their negotiation skills meet the minimum requirements.


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