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How to Remove Pollen from Your Car?

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Pollen season is one of the annoying seasons where you are forced to drive the yellow coated car. If you are someone who has springtime allergies, then you are having a lot of trouble that must be handled by you. However, you will not want your car to suffer a similar fate. That’s why you must make sure that your car’s interior and exterior is free from the pollen. You can consult the GoKleen to avail their service of the professional car cleaning service to make your car clean and free from pollen seeds.

Keep Pollen Away from Car’s Exterior
One of the most challenging tasks is to keep the pollen from your car’s paint. As once the blooming season starts, pollen will not ask your permission to fall on your car and being the sticky substance, you cannot do anything. The only solution which can be beneficial for you is to make sure you wash your car at a regular interval.
How to Protect Pollen from Damaging the Car’s Paint?

Before starting of the pollen season, you have to make sure you have done the full exterior detailing of your car.
Even you need to complete the waxing of your car, before starting of the pollen season as then car washing will become easier.
You need to remove the pollen as soon as they fall on your car, this way you can decrease the damage.
Keep Pollen Away from Car’s Interior
If you are someone who has pollen allergies, then you must keep the pollen away from the interior of the car. This way, you will make your drive sneeze-free and allergy-free. Follow the below-mentioned tips to make your car’s interior free from pollen:
Check the Cabin Air Filter

If your car has cabin air filters, then you need to replace it from time to time. You can even check the car manual to know whether the cabin air filter is working fine or not. If you do not know how to do it, then search for a car wash near me to make sure that the car wash agency does this job for you.
Windows Should be Rolled Up
In the summer season, people like to drive their car by keeping their window down; however, during pollen seasons also you can go to a long drive with the windows down. But if you have allergies, then you should not keep it down. Keeping the windows open will allow pollen to enter your car and stick to the surface pf your car as well as your clothes. So, make sure that the car’s windows should be rolled up during the pollen season.
Use the Car’s A/C
Usecar’s A/C in this season and see if theA/C is recirculating the air and not sucking the pollen-filled air. You can search fora car wash near me, to get in touch with the experts who will check the A/C of your car and see if it is working fine or not.
You have to wash your car regularly so that you can keep your car pollen-free. However, if you do not want to wash your car on your own, then you can look for the professional’s car wash agency like GoKleen. Their service of the car wash at home will make sure to give your car a showroom like shine and make it pollen-free.

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