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How to Promote Your Concerts in Social Networks

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Promote Your Concerts in Social Networks

Social networks and the online world give you the possibility to expand the reach ratio to get attendees to your event. You must not forget that you have to set a start and end point in your goal. In addition, the measurement of the actions can be decisive to promote your concerts in social networks.

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How to promote your concerts in social networks

You know the capacity of the room you want to fill. Now you will have to define and plan a good promotion for the concert. Social networks can be a great travel companion to reach your target audience, but you have to define how to use them.

Effectiveness and quality do not depend on quantity. Before you start writing content like crazy, you must create your strategy and have a communication plan.

Promote Your Concerts in Social Networks

Create a strategy to promote our concert in social networks

Do you know your target audience? In social networks and the online world, the promotion of a concert needs a who, a how and a where. Before starting, you should ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Who do we want to reach?

It is important that you define your target audience.

How old are you? An age profile is not definitive, but it is significant. If your clients are natives of the digital age, there will be a very important reason to start working on social networks.

What are your interests? Knowing this answer is one of the key points, but not simple. Interact with your assistants and you will learn what they are interested in. Make contests, questions, games. Anything that brings you closer to your customers may be good for maintaining a close and useful relationship.

What do you talk about or like to talk about? If you know the theme that moves your followers, be one more. Identifying it is not easy, but you can observe how your audience acts to find out what they are talking about in social networks.

Any extra information can be very relevant to be able to focus the contents.

2. How can we attract or generate interest?

Give your followers a reason to follow your profiles and read your content. I am human. You are not a machine and your users and followers know it. Talk to them, share news and moments and interact.

3. Where is our target audience?

Search it. Take a moment of your time to find out where your customers are. They may be in more than one channel. Use the different ways you have to present who will be the invited artists or provide your followers with valuable content, such as the poster of an event, or a fragment of a video about what the concert was like.

How social networks help us to promote a concert

A good planning and strategy has to be compatible with an appropriate use of all social platforms that can help you to give greater visibility to your concert.

Do you know the characteristics of social networks? The different platforms that we have today can serve as a speaker for your message.


Facebook offers us great advantages as a communication platform. It is the social network with the largest number of active users, around 2,000 million throughout the planet.

Communication between users allows converting the recipient of your message into a new sender. With dynamic content and quality, we will be able to viralize our concerts through the platform and obtain a greater reach of our audience.

If you already have a fan page, do not forget that keeping it active is very important. Thanks to the possibility of integrating with applications.


The microblogging social network has acquired an important role in the news channels. With more than 300 million active users, it is a daily information search point.

The instantaneity that it offers us is very large, being able to reach our users with great rapidity through a tweet.

Our message can get more reach through retweets, favorites and comments. Create your own hashtag for your concerts and consider how to turn it into a trending topic.


We booked a special place for Instagram, a social network with an impressive growth. It already has more than 800 million active users, surpassing the veteran Twitter.

This is a very visual, effective platform with a very good scope at the moment. Communicate what you need through images, videos and short messages. Do you already have the poster of your concert? Maybe it’s a good place to viralize it.

Use hashtag and interact with people to achieve greater reach and an active user community.

Similarly, Interest and Flickr allow us to share graphic and visual content with our community.


YouTube is a channel that will send your followers the best recordings or video creations. Do you want to tell your fans how the concert they enjoyed was? Or do you want to tell them what was lost to those who did not attend? YouTube can be a good place.

In addition, we can serve to include visual content in articles and news that we want to share in different blogs.


Finally, we come to a social network oriented to the professional world. It is not the best social network to promote a concert, but it is possible that there you will find people with whom you can collaborate. In any event you will need professional profiles involved in the organization.

Social networks today allow us to be where our users are, in short, our target audience. Around 82% of Internet users aged 18-55 use social networks. That is, more than 14 million users in our country. Do not you think it can be a good place to promote your concerts?

Author Bio: James is a Digital Marketer and a writer. He has six years of experience regarding digital and content marketing. Furthermore, he also helps people to get amazon seller account category approval because he has command over this.

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