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How To Manage High Uric Acid Levels In Body Effectively?

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Uric Acid Levels in Body

All the protein that you keeps on consuming, breakdown and produces a waste product that is known as uric acid. It is a necesary compound for the proper immune functioning of a body. But too much uric acid is a serious issue that can lead to severe health consequences that you shoud know about.


What are the Causes if High Uric Acid Levels?

According to the best urologist in Multan, uric acid when get disintegrated is get breaken down into purines. Some of it can get dissolved into the blood, travels through there and reaches the kidneys. That is when uric acid leaves the body along with water and salts in the form of urine.

That is why the foods that are high in purines can actually lead to high levels of uric acid in the blood. But there are some other foods that can increase the levels of uric acid in the body:

  • Red meat
  • Seafood
  • Foods and drinks which have a high fructose corn syrup ratio
  • Organ meats such as liver


What are Symptoms of High Uric Acid Levels?

In case you are suffering from seriously high levels of uric acid in your blood then you are bound to deal with some serious health consequences. Some of the most common sign and symptoms are as follows:


Joint Pain

Joint pain has to be one of the most prominent symptom of high uric acid levels in the body. This severe case of joint pain is also termed as gouty arthritis. Joint pain can occur in all the joints in your body but they mostly affect those joints that are used in movement.

Even though this pain in joints can be excruciating and periodic but it can also affect your everyday movements, making even the trivial things difficult to accomplish. Various researchers have showed that this type of painful instances can subside on its own.

It is not only the pain that you need to be mindful about. In addition to severe pain, the inability to move is also a main symptom of high levels of uric acid in the body.


Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

Various studies suggest that there is a link that exists between high levels of uric acid in the body and high blood pressure levels of the body. Patients that have been suffering from high levels of uric acid in their system often complain about high blood pressures.

Both high blood pressure and uric acid are affecting the body at one point or another and are often the cause of one another. If not treated at the right time, this can lead to catastrophic results on the body which can be damaging.


Kidney Pains

As we have discussed this previously, that all such toxic compounds reach the kidneys and then eliminate the body through urine. That is high levels of uric acid is a leading cause for severe kidney pains. If you are not rectifying this issue of high blood uric acid it is going to put your kidneys in danger because they might have to work even hard to cater to the issues.


What are the Risk Factors of High Uric Acid in the Body?

It is possible for people to develop high levels of uric acid either because of their routines, lifestyle habits or dietary choices. But this type of issues of high uric acid are more common in males as compared to females.

Some common risks of high uric acid in blood are as follows:

  • Obesity or weight gain
  • Hypertension
  • Questionable dietary choices
  • Engagement in exercises that are strenous for the body


How is Uric Acid Levels in the Body Diagnosed?

The easiest way to diagnose high levels of uric acid in the body is through uric acid test. The doctor might ask you to submit a sample of urine or blood in the lab. The diagnosis is done by analyzing the levels of creatinine in the body.


What are the Treatments of High Uric Acid Levels in the Body?

It is better to take possible actions to reduce the impacts of high levels of uric acid in the body by taking effective measures. Make sure to engage yourself in healthy activities such as walking or jogging and ensure a good lifestyle.

Then another thing that you need to understand is the importance of a good diet. A good diet is known to play a pivotal role in the whole dynamics. In case the symptoms of the conditions start to span out then you need to consult with a health care advisor. They will guide you all the do’s and don’ts  of this condition.


The Bottom Line

It is important for you to understand that uric acid levels in the body fluctuate because of either diet or lifestyle. Therefore do not overlook the importance of good diet and exercise as it can keep your body in shape and away from the onset of such diseases.

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