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How To Improve The Hydraulic Pump Efficiency?

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Hydraulic Pump Efficiency

If you have a manufacturing plants where you using hydraulic press to cut, bend or mould some object, then it is important to accurately calculate the hydraulic pumps efficiency. The reason being, the more you use the hydraulic system in your manufacturing unit, there is natural wear and tear of the machine which can lead to internal leakages. This has a negative impact on the hydraulic pump efficiency which can affect your production line negatively. Therefore, it is important that you can accurately measure the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump to decide whether to change the pump or let it continue after some minor repairs.

Volumetric efficiency is the actual flow which is applicable to do some useful work. There are manymechanical power presses in Faridabad and Delhi region installed in small-scaleindustries to do a variety of jobs. As these businesses are run on very low capital, any fall inefficiency of the production unit will seriously affect their profit margin.

In this blog, we will share with you how to improve the volumetric efficiency of your hydraulic pump. These points were shared with us by some of the leading hydraulic press manufacturers in India. Hydraulic efficiency is co-related to few factors like viscosity of the liquid and internal leakages.

1).Hydraulic efficiency of your pumpis directly proportional to the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid. Therefore, if you are a press tools manufacturer in Faridabad or some other city and witness a fall in the efficiency of your hydraulic pump, then you should first look at the viscosity index of your hydraulic fluid. Many a times it has been observed that small-scalemanufacturing units use low-grade hydraulic fluid with very low viscosity index to reduce their operating cost. This will have a big impact on the efficiency of their machines. Therefore, we suggest that you should immediately change your hydraulic fluid and use only industry-approved fluids to get the maximum output from your machine.

2). If the hydraulic press you are using is operating at a very high temperature, then you must use multi-grade hydraulic fluid to improve its efficiency. The reason being, extreme temperature affects the viscosity index of the fluid which can then result in low efficiency of the machine. Therefore, call the manufacturer of the hydraulic machine to find out which hydraulic fluid will be best suited for the machine when it is operating at high temperature and use it for the best the result.

3). Internal leaks also have a negative impact on the hydraulic pump efficiency. You will find that due to regular wear and tear, the joints of the pump may develop a leak. Additionally, the pipes carrying the hydraulic fluid may also develop crack with age and it may leak. Whatever be the issue due to which a leak was developed, if it remains there, it will lower the efficiency of the hydraulic pump significantly. Therefore, any leak however minor (it may later develop into major leak), it must be plugged immediately to improve the overall efficiency of the hydraulic pump thereby increasing the power of the hydraulic press.

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