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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Brain Injury Claim

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Many accidents can lead to brain injuries. These may include sports activities, falls, plane or car accidents, etc.

A brain injury emanates from serious head trauma. And if negligence is involved, sometimes it becomes hard to determine liability.

If you or your loved one is contemplating on taking legal action, there are considerations to make a favorable outcome.

This article contains how you can detect a traumatic brain injury and what considerations to secure the compensation you deserve.

How To Detect A Brain Injury After An Accident

If you have been in an accident and your head was subjected to trauma, it’s always to get treatment. Your doctor is able to attest whether you have suffered from a brain injury. Brain injuries commonly affect the brain cells permanently or even death. They also worsen with time, especially when the victim doesn’t get treatment or has inadequate treatment.

According to Mayo clinic, medical personnel commonly use Glasgow Coma scale to determine whether one has suffered from a brain injury and its severity. The scale involves a test where the doctor checks the victim’s ability to mobility. For instance, someone who has blurred speech or cannot move their eyes after an accident is more likely to have an issue with head injuries. With a higher score, this means your injuries are less severe as compared to a low score.

There are other ways to detect brain injury. Some of them include:

  • Headaches
  • Prolonged coma
  • Loss of balance
  • seizures
  • Sensory issues
  • Loss of consciousness which may last for few seconds
  • Lack of concentration

Though the above can easily be detected, every individual is different. Again, some individuals may show symptoms immediately, while others may delay.

Any brain injury compensation depends on the severity of injuries. The below may be vital when assessing the nature and extent of your injuries:

  • What led to the brain injury? The head injury could emanate from trauma; it would be vital to understand the kind of force used.
  • Was there any loss of consciousness?
  • Did symptoms appear immediately after the accident, such as blurred speech?

If negligence has caused your brain injury, you need the right compensation. One reason is that such injuries may lead to morbidity, disability, or even mortality regardless of age.

When seeking damages, it’s vital to understand the brain injury clinical characteristics. Such will be used to determine the direction of treatment. Again, any treatment offered will depend on the extent of the injury. In addition, such treatment will vary based on the therapy session or surgery conducted.


  How To Secure The Best Settlement For Your Brain Injury

Securing fair compensation means your legal rights are protected. One major concern with traumatic brain injuries is that they often go unnoticed. When a victim ignores brain injury symptoms, this may be a huge drawback to their case. Brain injury cases are complicated; they require one to have a Bakersfield brain injury attorney.

To secure the best compensation, you need to:

  • Get your settlement in mind:You will have spent huge costs of medical expenses on your injuries and will have in mind how such injuries have affected your life. This means that you may have a figure in mind of how much you are willing to get paid. The figure is not something to talk about with anyone but one to help you negotiate with the insurance adjuster.
  • Be ready to counter your offer:You are not obligated to accept the low offer granted by the insurance company. However, with the settlement figure in mind, you can make your case a success by showing the insurance adjuster you know what your claim is worth. Then, with the help of your lawyer, you can argue out for a higher settlement.

Since this is business, you are more likely to get an offer that you don’t expect. So make sure the insurance adjuster has a reason for their offer. Your lawyer can advise on how to respond to the low offer.

  • Produce the relevant documents:If you release every relevant document needed, the insurance adjuster will be quick to negotiate for a settlement. The reason is that an organized claimant shows they understand their injury case and have nothing to stop them from negotiating for a reasonable settlement.
  • Legal help:You will have a smooth brain injury case by legal representation. The reason is, the negotiation may hit a dead end. Meaning you will need to file a lawsuit. Having a lawyer who is conversant with brain injury settlements and lawsuits would be a plus. Such a lawyer will help you understand the basis of your claim; show how severe your brain injury is, and the need to have accurate evidence to establish liability.

For your brain injury, you may need more information as to how much your claim is worth. Such concerns can be better explained during your free case consultation.

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