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How to Fashion Denim Shirts on Different Occasions

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Fashion Denim Shirts

They are simple, super easy and the price is not more than a good pair of shoes. They have a presence in the fashion scene and although born almost next to jeans, shirts have remained as a proposal of great help.

Fashion Denim Shirts

If an offer, an opportunity or an emergency bought a denim jacket and you have not already used again, now we tell you several ways to free it from the hanging hook for months run the risk of a return of those items you never put away!

Denim Jacket and White Dress

A basic combination totally romantic and very useful for those special outings. You can wear your white lace dress or denim fabric with a shirt with the sleeves rolled up. In the pictures I show two proposals.

Lace dress shirt open: simpler and more informal, as for a day of class s in college.

White dress shirt with belt: much more elaborate and special touches, can serve up to a cocktail party.

How to put together a look with white dress and denim jacket?

It may seem complicated to use this combination, but is simple to realize which are central elements. On one hand, long-sleeved shirt which is then collected from the sleeves, a white dress without much detail, shoes or short boots and earth-colored accessories to give a much more country.

Camisa denim y little black dress

The famous LBD is another ideal to combine with a denim shirt. Here is important to renew the look with a bag or purse of the season. The shoes are also important so do not forget to wear them.

There are many celebrities and fashion bloggers that has taken this as one of the most basic to bail out any time you need it.

Denim shirt into pants

If there is a classic way to wear these shirts, it is certainly within his pants. It gives you a boyfriend style to your outfit and lets you play with a variety of combinations between belts, skirts, maxi skirts and even shorts.

You can take inside with a knot out, as in the first picture, or simply with a belt. As always we recommend you do not forget the added!

As a dress with a belt

One of the most hazardous possibilities regarding denim shirts are concerned. Note that to be designed as a shirt is not low enough to cover everything. The best thing to do is take a short very little down, maybe white for there is a good contrast.

To be a dress really add your favorite belt : it may be the color you want or perhaps a brown braid, which is so popular.

Denim shirts and pants colors

No less important are the colorful pants that are not only popular in a variety of countries, but also go well with denim shirts. The style is much take the combination of red and green and white, which contrasts nicely.

Denim shirt and pastel

An important commitment by the pastel colors of Nataly already told us in his post. Now I just need you decide to bring together and make a trend!

How many of the items we have described have in your closet? I’m sure a lot so you have no excuse!

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