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How to Effectively Optimize Animated Explainer Videos for Social Media

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It is not difficult to anticipate why explainer videos are the best choice for brand strategists to sell their product or services online. Explainer videos are without a doubt, one of the best ways to reach out to audiences and provide them with a complete explanation on how a product/service can help them. 


According to Rand Fishkin, if a certain topic gains a substantial amount of searches and an increased social media mentions, it has a far greater chance to rank up on Google in comparison to content getting more clicks. Google would certainly pay more attention to information which is getting more shares. 


People often don’t understand this small difference and as a result, they find themselves wondering what to do next. Are you planning to get your business an explainer video? Here’s how you can optimize it. 


Get more shares quickly & efficiently. Increase your chance to appear on Google the right way. 


Shorter is Better 

Many brands often make the mistake of creating 10 minute long explainer videos. Although their agenda is to educate their target audience in a descriptive way, what they often fail to realize is “audiences love quick pieces of information.” When people are educated through bite-sized information sets, they seem to absorb information more effectively. Too long of a video can become boring & deviate the user’s attention. It’s one of the reasons why explainer videos fail to get the expected attention. 


To make videos more digestible, make videos short & concise. A video length of less than 2 minutes is good enough to convey the right message to your target audience. Consider editing if it’s too long. 


Include Precise Information 

Your explainer video shouldn’t be focused on providing every bit of information about your product or service. As a matter of fact, if you’re creating an animated marketing video for your brand, making it short & concise with only relevant information is good enough to connect with your target audience. After all, nobody likes to go through a bombardment of long sentences. They want valuable information & they want the information quickly. 


Ask yourself, what is your end-goal? If it is to create an explainer video which you can use to market information through your social channels? 


If the answer is yes, then seek out all the finer details and put them together in an animated video. The more precise you’re in putting together information, the more people would choose to watch it. 


Make Use of Attention Grabbing Titles 

If you’re planning to optimize your explainer video for social media, the title of your video plays an important role. When writing a title, you need to make sure that your title should be interesting & attention grabbing so people feel more encouraged to watch your explainer video on social media channels. 


Many marketers spend hours, and even days to put together the most perfect title for videos. 


For instance, “Checkout our Latest Collection of Music” may not sound as interesting as “Change Your Life with These Heart-Pumping Music.” Your title should create the perfect appeal for the audience


However, no title can attract an audience unless it is not coupled with an engaging explainer video. 


Add Bewitching Thumbnails 

We all use YouTube time and again. While searching for a video, how do we decide if a particular video can offer more value? We checkout the thumbnails and that’s exactly what you need to do as well. 


Start with adding a bewitching thumbnail to your video so it can engage your audience right away. 


Create an attention grabbing thumbnail which can hook your audience with the initial appearance. For instance, if your thumbnail is not humorous or showing what value you’re offering in your video content, even if you’ve mastered the explainer video perfectly, you will still not be able to connect with the audience. So make sure your video thumbnail has a certain element to provide an effective call to action. 


Speaking of Call-to-Actions 

Add a call-to-action somewhere in your video. Even though it’s an explainer video where you’re aiming to educate the masses, a call-to-action will encourage your audience to take the necessary steps. 


Call-to-actions are the end-game for your explainer videos. 


Irrespective of how descriptive your video appears to your audience, if it fails to provide encouragement to “get in touch” or “find out more,” it will fail to do its job and you will never be able to convert a customer. 


It doesn’t have to be a strong call-to-action where you encourage your audience to make a purchase. You can ask them to visit your website and check out what interesting offers you have to give them. 


Here are five key takeaways how business owners can effectively optimize animated explainer videos for social media. If you want to learn more about animated video optimization, Prolific Studio, an animation studio, explains how getting an animated video is the best value for social media. So that’s all for the day. Hope this article provided you with valuable information. Stay tuned for learning more in the coming days. 


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