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How to Eat and Train for 6-Pack Abs

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How to Eat and Train for 6-Pack Abs

It seems that everyone wants a sexier waistline and rock-hard six-pack abs that you can fry an egg on. Despite what everyone thinks about ab workouts and all the uncertainties surrounding them, you can get dreamy six-pack abs with the right diet and training.

That’s right, we’re here to tell you that six-pack abs start in the kitchen and end in the gym. Here’s how to combine the two areas to give you movie-star abs.

What You Think You Know about Abs is Wrong

The abs are an area of muscles that many work out each time they go to the gym. However, they are a muscle group like any other meaning they should be treated as such and given proper rest time so that they get stronger. You also have to consider that the abs are simulated during many other exercises, meaning your core is getting secondary stimulation when you do things like squats or other leg and back exercises. Bottom line, make sure you rest your abs so that you allow for adequate post-recovery time.

The other major myth surrounding the abs is that if you work them out until your eyes turn red each time you go the gym you’ll get visible results. While you might be getting stronger, it is impossible to “spot reduce” specific areas of your body. The only way to get visibly better abs is to bring your entire body-fat level down which means combining dieting and exercise.

How to Eat for 6-Pack Abs

If you are on the route to gain a lot of muscle mass you’ll probably have a hard time getting visibly stronger abs. Again, you can get stronger but one of the major ways to have that chiseled look is to restrict what you eating. So if you are on a weight gaining campaign and are looking to have a six-pack the odds are stacked against you.

This does not suggest you need to stop eating or even decrease the amount of calories you are consuming (this applies only if you are trying to maintain your body weight as opposed to lose pounds). Change your diet to introduce more protein so that you’ll stay full and still be able to increase the ability to showcase your abs. If you are trying to lose weight you’ll still want to eat more protein as this will prevent overeating.

Other ways to bring your body-fat content down by eating is to closely monitor your carb and sugar intakes. Be on the lookout for sodas and juices that contain unnecessary calories and substitute many of your food choices with protein-rich sources so that you’ll effectively burn more body fat while increasing lean tissue.

In short, eat more protein and eat healthy to get sexy, six pack abs.

How to Train for a 6-Pack

By combining a solid meal plan with a fixed gym workout session you’ll be getting the gains you want more quickly than by isolating either of these strategies. You can plan on training your abs intensely for about 15-20 minutes two to three times a week. If you maintain this approach consistently and combine training with good form you’ll benefit more quickly than if you miss certain days or try to cheat your way through heavy workouts.

There will be three areas of your abs that you’ll want to train:

  1. Upper abs
  2. Lower abs
  3. Obliques (side abs)

You’ll want to choose exercises from each of the three categories each work out and do three to four sets of each. Keep your rest times around 30-60 seconds, and workout until muscle failure for bodyweight exercises and when using weight, try to ensure muscle failure around 12-15 reps.

Upper Abs Workouts

  • Cable crunch
  • Decline crunch
  • Ab machine

Lower Abs Workouts

  • Mountain climbers
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Reverse crunches

Obliques Workouts

  • Hanging oblique knee raise
  • Cable wood chops

Get 6-Pack Abs Now

Remember, doing a million crunches isn’t going to magically transform your mid-section into the movie-star, air brushed looking abs you want. You need to combine proper diet and exercise to help you get results and dedicate adequate time and rest so that you constantly improve your appearance and strength.

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