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How To Configure Vacuum Glove Boxe System?

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Vacuum Glove Boxe System

For storing laboratory equipments, slides and many other things, glove box has been used. Instead of using conventional glove boxes, one can find the use of vacuum glove boxes in many places. How the vacuum glove boxes can help? Well, vacuum glove boxes help to keep the laboratory equipments germ free. It is important as in various laboratory experiments, impurities are required to be avoided at any cost. To avoid them and to keep the equipment at the top notch condition, you need to invest in glove box. In today’s time, almost all laboratories have them for storing apparatus and other laboratory equipments.

In order to use the glove boxes properly, you need to understand the process of configuring the glove box. You can configure it well when you have proper knowledge about its mechanism. People have a few common misconceptions and confusions with the glove boxes. In the following section, all these things about the Laboratory Glove Box will be discussed.

Power Requirements for the Glove Boxes

The first and foremost thing that you need is the power requirement for your glove box. All standard glove boxes come with 115 – 120 V for the domestic setup. However, some of the glove boxes can also be found to feature 220 V setup. A standard electric plug-in from the wall outlet would do the job for the glove boxes. Now, the questions is should you also arrange additional power system? Well, additional power system is required when there is too much problem of electricity supply. Having power backup is always a good thing. If you have normal power backup system for your laboratory, it would be enough for the glove box.

Ventilation or Exhaust for the Glove Boxes

The common vent channel should be connected with exhaust system in your laboratory. The common vent line is basically a ventilation pipe that comes with 1.5 inch diameter. This vent pipe can be found connected to the top of the system. An exhaust system is required to make the glove box vacuum. So, the common vent line is essential for the glove box system as it will keep the glove box in the proper working condition.

Inert Gas for the Glove Box

For the setup of the glove box, you need inert gas like nitrogen or argon. These gases are chosen as they do not participate into reactions. Additionally, regeneration gas is also needed. This gas is used for the regeneration of nitrogen. For the purpose of controlling the gas inside the glove box, you need a regulator. Ideally, the gas pressure should be around 60-80 PSI. High pressure or even low pressure of gas is not desired.

This is how the professional setup for the glove box has been done. The setup or configuration process is important as it will provide better use of the glove box. Nevertheless, storage process will be seamless. Another benefit is that safety for the stored items will remain at the top notch level. So, the configuration has to be done with perfection.

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