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How to Choose the Right Makeup Brushes

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Choosing the right makeup brushes can be difficult. Many people only see the brushes and think they are too expensive for them to buy, and are intimidated by the thought of buying something for themselves that might be used only once. However, with just a few simple pointers, you can make yourself a beautiful looking brush that will last for years.

You need to choose brushes that are not overly firm or too soft. Firm is a good way to go if you want to look at applying makeup, but as you continue to use it you may find that your makeup will take longer to dry. But if you’re trying to achieve a totally flawless face, then go for the softest one.

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The bristles of the brush should not be too long or too short. Too long and they will appear clumpy, and too short and you will not get a nice even coat of makeup all over your face. What you need is a nice even coat that is not too soft or too stiff. For example, you can use long, slightly stiff bristled brushes for foundation and for brushing away any excess foundation that gets onto your hands. However, if you have used an ultra short brush and you find that it looks bad on your face, then it’s probably best to use a regular soft to medium length brush.

You also need to choose brushes that are not too small or too large. Even the best quality brushes will usually look too big or too small when they are very, very small. So unless you are using one brush, make sure that it is actually very big.

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Sometimes a hard bristled brush will give you a better coat of the foundation, but if you have skin that’s dry, you may need to look at using a soft bristled brush. Make sure that your brushes are not too damp, but that they are completely dry before you apply the foundation to your face. This will help avoid looking like you were using water.

You also need to keep your makeup brushes clean. Make sure that you clean them well, and if you don’t know how to do this, then take a look at a good book on makeup brushes. As well as being handy, a good quality makeup brush is actually quite beautiful when it’s all clean and shining.

Brushes also need to be switched out every couple of months, especially when you’re in the habit of using them every day. Some of the more expensive brushes might be cheaper in actual money, but when you purchase them they should last for many years. After awhile they can start to hurt your skin, and so you need to replace them with another brand.

Finally, remember that what you use should be safe for your skin. So don’t spend your money on brushes that have harsh chemicals in them, or that have been treated with artificial dyes, or other chemical ingredients.

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