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How To Choose The Perfect Dining Room Chairs

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Dining Room Chairs

Life happens in the dining room in more ways than one, from slow breakfasts to large dinner parties to game nights. Here’s how to choose dining chairs to create the ideal meeting spot:


For the longest time, dining chairs and tables have been matched, making dining sets not only predictable but also pricey. However, today’s open concept homes and mix-and-match fashions have disrupted that tradition, sending buyers into a frenzy. Can you match that charming rustic farm table with a modern, geometrically styled chair? Can you take the danger of plush chairs when you have pets at home? Will the low-back chair you’ve had your eye on be comfortable enough? There are numerous possibilities, but the regulations are straightforward.


Comfort In Proportions

When it comes to dining room chairs for sale, it’s astonishing how color comes first and comfort comes last. Looks can be deceiving, so ask yourself if you can sit on this chair comfortably for the next two hours without getting up.


Measure the width of the dining chair at its widest point – either the backrest or the seat. When 22 inches broad and 24 inches deep, an armless dining chair provides the most comfort. Anything less than 17 inches by 20 inches should be avoided.


Chair arms require an extra six inches, so avoid them in small settings. If you live with knee patients, children, pregnant women, or the elderly, having at least one armchair at the dining table can be a lifesaver because they provide support and safety when going in and out.


The dining room requires a clean movement area because it is a busy environment. Select chairs that can be readily slipped beneath the dining table. A minimum of 12 inches between the tabletop and the seat of the dining chair offers comfortable seating while yet allowing for adequate legroom.


Make a mental note of upholstered seats that compress when you sit. Backrests that are inclined, especially those that follow the natural curvature of your back, and padded or upholstered chairs are also excellent choices.


Mirror Dining Room Chair Style With Your Lifestyle

Do you routinely throw lavish meals at your home? Or do you prefer informal, laid-back mealtimes? The dining chairs you choose might easily represent your lifestyle.


In formal situations, high back chairs set the tone, but low back seats quickly create a casual environment. Furthermore, delicately constructed or open back chairs allow for longer sightlines, making a tiny dining space appear larger. In the same way, well-defined, spacious seats work well in huge settings. This rule applies to all themes, whether traditional, contemporary, minimalistic, or otherwise.


You may also go for a middle ground approach and use lavish end chairs and plain side seats. This is inexpensive and produces a semi-formal eating arrangement that does not take up visible or physical space.


Mix It Up

Dining chairs that complement rather than match dining tables are this season’s rage. It may appear difficult, but the trick is to identify a common aspect – color, form, style, height, leg type, or material – that connects the chairs or helps them relate to the dining table.


Mismatched geometric chairs, for example, can be brought together by painting them the same color or upholstered in the same fabric. If you are a fan of a specific material and color, such as metal-coated white, invest in a set of chairs with varying backrest designs. You may even go among various furniture eras with ease. Antique tables that have similarly shaped furniture legs might look great with mid-century and modern furniture.


Pick Dining Room Chairs That Are Easy To Move

It is usually ideal to have dining chairs that are portable and easy to move around the house. This is especially significant if they are working two jobs. When entertaining guests, it could be used as extra seating in the living area. It can come in helpful if you utilize it in your home office.


Chairs with open backrests can assist reduce visual clutter while still providing support. Slat back or plastic molded chairs are easy to move in and out of the dining area and are a good option for children and dogs. Chairs with a high back or a heavy set are more difficult to maneuver.


However, it is critical to avoid selecting seats that cut into people’s backs. You might choose chairs that are partially upholstered on the upper half so that it can be taken up by the elbow.


Buy Stable Structured Dining Room Chairs

Chairs, regardless of material, should stand solidly on their feet and not wobble under tension. This is especially crucial while selecting antiques.


Wooden dining room chairs are a popular choice because they are as durable as metal ones. Chairs manufactured by competent craftsmen utilizing conventional craftsmanship are more likely to last. Glued bits, splinters, and snags are absolute no-nos. Apply the same logic if you choose a wooden bench instead of individual chairs for seating.


Dining Room Chairs Buying Tips to consider in 2022

The material of your dining chairs can help you create the ambiance you want. Metal may offer a gleaming luster and a sense of lightness. Rattan can give off a tropical vibe. Wood has a warm, earthy feel about it. However, each has its unique set of maintenance requirements.


If you have pets or children, your dining chairs will be subjected to a great deal of wear and tear. Non-upholstered or minimally upholstered chairs are appropriate in these situations since they are easy to clean.


Bonded or tufted leather, cotton blends, and Sunbrella fabrics are all easy to maintain and stylish. Food stains drool, and other messes can be easily removed. If you must have something in delicate materials such as chenille or velvet, choose slipcovers that can be readily washed and replaced when necessary. A medium to dark hue is also excellent for concealing stains.


Because wood is the most popular material for dining chairs, it’s vital to know that, while it’s easy to clean, wood’s color changes over time. Spills must also be cleaned up immediately because they leave water stains. The same may be said about glass textures, which can seem unsightly with fingerprint stains. If you choose metal, make sure it is rust-resistant and easy to clean with a moist cloth.



Choosing the best dining room chairs for your dining room table is a difficult task. If you frequently host dinner parties or simply eat at home with your family every night, then comfortable dining chairs are a must-have for your house. But, with so many possibilities – style, form, armrests, and so on – it’s difficult to know if you’re making the proper decision. We hope that these tips shared by our team will help you find the best dining room chairs!

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