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October 16, 2021

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How to be free of Dealership dependent BMW service in Dubai?

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BMW Service Dubai

So you have scouted high and low and found out the best Dealer to buy your BMW. You have been enjoying the ‘Sheer Driving Experience’ that your BMW so easily offers. All is good with you and your car.

But, as the odometer reading goes up, your prized possession – The BMW needs to go in for its regular maintenance check and some repair. Taking your BMW to the Dealership for service burns a hole in your pocket with very less value for money.

Usually, BMW service is done in Dealership alone, believing that it is mandatory to do so to keep the warranty active and valid.

A myth that needs to be busted!

Getting your car serviced by an authorized independent BMW service center Dubai will not nullify your warranty or extended warranty of your car.

The truth untold by the Dealers is that the EU Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation dictates that your vehicle warranty will not be invalidated if chosen to get the part repaired and replaced by an independent car service center.

And it also dictates the independent BMW service center to use OE parts and products like fuel, oil filters, engine oil that ‘match in quality’ to those originally fitted by the automakers itself.

This regulation has helped BMW owners to get them serviced at authorized BMW service centers that operate independently. These independent BMW service centers in Dubai solely work on High-performance cars like BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes, etc and have built a credible reputation. With reduced labor and overhead costs, using OE “matching quality” parts, their services are on par with the Dealerships at much more lower costs.

High-end cars like BMW have a multitude of sensors and use electronics to the max possible extent to monitor wear and tear of different parts. They are fitted with an onboard-maintenance system called Condition Based Service (CBS*). The CBS gathers all the info about the car repair needs. This information can be read through diagnostic tools. Authorized BMW service centers, will own these State-of-the-art tools, run by highly trained and well-experienced technicians and mechanics to understand the diagnostics and do the necessary repair and replacement.

Some of the mandatory services check and maintenance routines for a good BMW service center are,

BMW inspection

This standard inspection is a must for continued good performance, safe driving, and keeping the value of your BMW intact.

Inspection covers amongst others – microfilter change, engine oil change, and brake fluid change.

These changes in a timely manner ensure optimum performance of your car, so you can drive in peace.

BMW Engine Oil Change services

These services are not mere oil change services and go above and beyond that to inspect and repair brakes & tires as well.

BMW oil change service includes oil filter change, removal of old oil to be replaced with new engine oil, replacement of ignition or spark plugs at every 2nd oil change,  replacement of air and fuel filters (diesel only) at every 3rd engine oil change.

Other maintenance checks include- AC system check, Car’s electrical services, seasonal checks based on whether it’s impending weather like summer, rainy or winter.

One such reputed BMW service center is ZDegree in Dubai. ZDegree is an innovative and technologically advanced service center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and in other locations in UAE. They are the authorized BMW service center Dubai. Specialists in any BMW variants, they have many top-class, experienced mechanics well versed with the latest technology used in BMW cars. They only utilize genuine BMW parts and products to make sure that you drive a showroom quality car after service.

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