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How To Activate Windows 10 Operating System

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Windows 10 Key

As per the Microsoft License Terms for Software, your Windows copy should be genuine and not be utilized on any other devices with the help of Activation. You need the Windows 10 Key to activate the copy of your Operating system. It can be a digital license or product key which consist of 25-character to activate your license. It is not possible to activate your device without any one of the above requirements. The digital license or product key cannot be used from another device.

The digital license which is referred to Digital Entitlement is designed for an operating system to activate the device without the Windows 10 product keys. In case if you wish to upgrade your copy from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 (which is already activated) to Windows 10 operating system then you should only use the digital license and the product key will not be accepted.

To activate Windows, you need to use the 25 character product code. The product key will look like 5 alphanumeric codes with 5 blocks. The product key should be entered during the Windows OS installation. The Digital license can be used by continuing the installation without inputting the product key.

Few Tricks to activate Windows 10 OS

Please follow the below tricks to activate the operating system without using Windows 10 product keys.

Activate Using Microsoft Toolkit – We really recommend this method for best Windows activation. If you already installed Windows 7 OS on your computer then you can use the Microsoft Toolkit software to install and activate any type of Windows OS with exception of Windows 7 Ultimate. You can use Microsoft Office product key to install or activate the Windows OS.

Activate using Windows loader – If you have installed Window 7 Ultimate OS and not able to use MS Toolkit to activate then you can try using Windows Loader tool. You can just install this tool and which will allow you to activate the Windows OS much easier.

A unique method – A simple method you can follow to activate Windows 10 product keys.

In Windows 10 OS, you can go to Settings or Cortana to access the System settings. Click on the Update & Security and select the option Activation. Then select the option Go to Store and purchase the genuine product key from Windows 10 Store.

Another way of Upgrading into Windows10 – If you had already activated your Windows 8 or 7 OS with a valid product key then you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 Operating system without purchasing a new one.

Using ISO file instead of an upgrade to Windows 10 – Using the ISO files, you can receive the Windows 10 Professional latest version. If you have not installed any other versions of Windows OS before then you will not experience any hassle for Windows 10 upgradation.

On your computer, you can download and install the Windows 10 Media Creation tool to create an ISO copy that can be used from external drives (i.e USB key pr DVD). Using the ISO file, you can easily install the Windows 10 operating system on any of your computers. This process can grant access to the architecture, edition, and choose your preferred language.

There are various Windows 10 key available across the online markets. But we do not recommend using the pirated key for activating your Windows OS. Please use the genuine product key to activate your Windows Operating system for a better life.

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