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How Search Engine Marketing Can Help Businesses With Higher ROIs?

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Search Engine Marketing or simple SEM is an online marketing technique that helps e-commerce businesses...
Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or simple SEM is an online marketing technique that helps e-commerce businesses and web portals to establish their brand identity and increase their visibility through search engines. Search engine marketing involves various other digital marketing techniques that include search engine optimization (SEO) and paid marketing (PPC). Apart from assisting businesses to increase their marketing presence and brand recognition, SEM also helps businesses with reputation management.

To simple sum-up the technique, SEM helps businesses increase their sales and value by achieving higher visibility in search engines.

Below we will be looking at some important features of Search Engine marketing and how it can help online businesses get better market penetration and higher visibility.


Clarity is one of the most important features that distinguish search engine marketing from traditional marketing practices. This is especially true in today’s environment where businesses like to keep close track of each and every dollar spent on marketing needs and assess the ROI for every penny spent. SEM offers clear and detailed insights into the conversions and leads generations through the ads, which help businesses track the most effective strategy with highest ROIs.

Target Marketing

Traditional marketing approach relies on the mass production of advertisement campaign without any regards to geotargeting. And well, this is one of the reasons why traditional marketing comes at a higher cost and lower ROIs.

Contrarily, Search engine marketing offers businesses precise Geotargetting feature, where they can select the most appropriate and relevant target audience, whether in their city or on the opposite side of the globe. For instance, a local Dubai business can precisely target local traffic to its website using SEM Dubai, whereas, a Dubai based global enterprise can reach the global audience with global SEM practices.

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Continuing from the previous point, SEM allows businesses to have a larger control over the traffic and audience they want to serve. Platforms like Google AdWords enable you to completely control your marketing campaign with powerful filters including:

–          Keywords triggered ads

–          Physical Location of the user

–          Season

–          Time of the day

–          The device used to make the search (desktop, mobile)

–          Ad Position

–          Network

–          Much more

Pay Per Click

PPC or Pay Per Click is the ideal model for any business looking to maximize its ROIs with minimum investment. The best part about pay per click model is that you don’t pay for the number of times your ad appears at the top of the page, rather you only pay for the number of times a user clicks on your ads to visit your site.

Now, combine this with the fact that your ad only appears with precise and highly managed filters and what you get is a highly motivated visitor to your site with a high chance of actually making a purchase. Thus, SEM enables businesses to attract relevant and willing to purchase traffic to your best web design company, which directly translates into better ROIs with limited investment.

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