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How long should a cavitation session be?

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cavitation session

In comparison to a non-specific weight loss, the cavitation technique enables targeted fat reduction. With the VA Cavite system, concentrated energy is sent to the desired body zones. Fat cells are dissolved by a process triggered by low-frequency ultrasound. In addition, vacuum probes are used to improve the appearance of the skin (cellulite). Skin, nerve and muscle tissue are not affected by ultrasonic cavitation.

Special cavitation session

It has been proven that a very good contact of the tissue layer to be treated with the ultrasound probe is a prerequisite for an effective and pleasant treatment. This is why vacuum probes are used in modern cavitation devices. But we go one step further: our device can also work with a pulsating vacuum, which already has positive effects on the complexion (cellulite) during the actual cavitation treatment.

Outer thighs (saddlebags)

Unsightly bulges on the outer thighs are popularly called saddlebags. Slim women are often affected as well. Ultrasonic cavitation is a suitable means of reducing the volume of local fat deposits on the outer and inner thighs. The cavitation triggers a fat cell lysis, i.e. a dissolution of fat-storing cells (adipocytes). Inner thighs

Fat cells can also

Fat cells can also enlarge over time on the inner thighs. There is an increased accumulation of fat. It is precisely this area that often cannot be controlled with a simple diet. Treatment with ultrasonic cavitation can achieve good results here.

Abdomen (upper abdomen, lower abdomen) including lateral abdominal region (flanks)

While the problem area thighs and buttocks is a problem for women in particular, many men in particular also have a problem with too much belly fat. After just two treatment sessions, abdominal fat can be reduced by up to 4 cm using ultrasonic cavitation. Being willing to actively participate in weight loss will multiply your chances of achieving a flat stomach.


Perfect curves look attractive. Like the stubborn fat deposits on the outer thighs, hip gold cannot be specifically trained away. This is where Austria’s leading private hospital for aesthetic and cosmetic laser medicine can help you with ultrasonic cavitation. Using low-frequency ultrasound technology, the Assumed outpatient clinic eliminates precisely those problem areas that cannot be controlled with a diet.

Upper arms

We perceive firm skin as beautiful. We associate smooth skin with youth and health. Flabby upper arms can therefore be very stressful for those affected. “I’m not even allowed to wear short-sleeved T-shirts!” is one of the sentences that those affected keep telling us.

Many of our patients assumed

Many of our patients come to Assumed to have this problem area treated specifically. Not only do they suffer from being restricted in their choice of clothes due to their upper arms, they also do not feel comfortable in the pool or on the beach. With ultrasonic cavitation, the Assumed Ambulatories can help to make superfluous fat deposits disappear permanently. Thanks to this innovative technology, the treated fat cells are dissolved and subsequently “recycled” by the body.

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