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October 16, 2021

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How Hiring a LynkCity Cab is Better Than Driving a Private Car

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The vehicle running in four wheels has turned itself into something more than a travelling resource. The lives seem incomplete with a private car. However, from the last couple of years, the dynamics of owning private vehicles are changing. People have started realising that the cost of owning a car is higher. The battle between owning a private car for comfortable commute and expensive maintenance gave birth to private vehicle hire companies.


The companies offered business class commutes at an affordable price. There were few setbacks at the beginning, but later, the same was addressed. Presently, ride hailing is garnering a lot of accolades due to its passenger redressals strategy. 


In the next couple of years, the private hire taxis would be seen dominating the roads. According to the latest research, private car purchase has been primarily due to the booming business of ride hailing. We, at LynkCity, offer private hire taxi services. Many private car owners have ditched their vehicles and have become our regular passengers.


In this blog, we will talk about why people are hiring a LynkCity Cab instead of driving a private car. 


Private Hire Taxi Vs. Private Car


  1. Light on pocket: 

Buying a personal vehicle of your dream costs a fortune until you hold thick bank accounts. For rest, returning from the dream to reality, numerous other things hold priority, and we cannot afford to spend money lavishly. 


Private hire taxis charge an affordable amount even for long travels. Many entrepreneurs rely entirely on private hire vehicles, and they find it cheap and affordable. LynkCity has kept the charges at a minimum. The ride starts at £2.50 only. 


  1. Free from any Documentation trouble:

The private hire taxi drivers and owners have to fulfill many obligations as per the directives of local authorities. Until the rules and regulations are entirely fulfilled the LynkCity, or anyone in the business doesn’t add the vehicle or person willing to drive with the company. 


However, when it comes to hiring a vehicle, it doesn’t require any documentation from the passenger’s end. On the other hand, private cars need a lot of attention. The documentation part is very hectic.  


  1. Time saver: 

This part is mainly covered in the above mentioned point. If we are not going to rely on a private car, we save a lot of time. All it takes is to download the app and get started. 


If the vehicle breaks down while taking the ride, you can go for another option immediately without even bothering about the vehicle. Alongside, driving a private car comes with the trouble of parking. However, in private hire taxis, there is no such problem.  


  1. Environmental Friendly: 

The pollution caused by cars is severely affecting the environment. As per the studies, the boom in private hire taxi business has brought down the sales of private cars. The hailing ride services are speculated to help the environment and deplete the pollution in the long run. Also, hiring taxis would reduce the number of vehicles on the road, thus decreasing traffic jams. 


The shift from private cars to private hire licensed vehicles are useful in many ways. The taxi companies are on the path to improvement. Even during the period of the pandemic, the private hire companies have taken up the safety precautions very seriously. The awareness among the drivers and the companies are pointing towards the fact that they take passenger safety very earnestly.

We, at LynkCity, pay a lot of attention to the comfort and safety of our passengers. We have kept the rides very economical. We keep it quick, safe, and easy. 


To download the LynkCity app, click here Apple App Store (iOS users) and Google Play Store (Android users).

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