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September 26, 2021

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How does a pivot awning window benefit your home?

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What are awning windows?

This is a style of window that is hinged on a frame. The window is pivoted outwards which is mounted at the top of the window frame. General windows are hung vertically whereas the awning pivot windows are hung horizontally.

In simple terms, the windows have a hinge installed on opposite sides of the window and this very design allows the window to open both inwards and outwards.


Why is hinge important for the window?

Hinge is the only part on which the entire window pivots on for movement. It is vital for the interio glass frame as well as the glass to deploy over the hinge. Modern hinges have friction added to them in order to restrict the flow of the window from opening too widely as well as allowing the window to lock itself in any desired position.


Why should you consider pivot awnings?

The increased rate of global warming in today’s world has not only put the world to heat up more but also more numbers of cooling systems are being used by the people to escape from the burning heat.

The cost of a single cooling system can be between $1200-$2800; this amount is more than the monthly average salary of a common man.


What are the benefits of installing pivot awning windows?

  1. Ventilation is required in every home. Not only does ventilation keep the house fresh but it is vital for health. The outward pivot of the awning window allows more air to enter the room. These windows are generally mounted high on the wall for providing natural ventilation and natural light to enter the room, also by keeping the privacy of the individuals within the rooms.
  2. The window must operate well under extreme meteorological conditions. One can still keep the windows open during the rainy season since the window can be kept pivoted outwards without the fear of water getting inside.
  • The windows are tight sealed and prevent outside air from seeping into the room.
  1. Both the interior and exterior areas of the window can be easily cleaned from inside the building itself. This is possible because of the pivoting feature available.
  2. The central hinge along with the frame keeps the window to be pivoted at a particular angle.
  3. These windows provide protection from elements entering the room like leaves, twigs, etc but it allows air to ventilate through the room.
  • The windows are soundproof to an extent; the outside disturbances such as traffic noise won’t hamper you. The windows do not take up much space when opened and hence can be used even with buildings having low space.


The material to be used in the window is upon you. The choice of structure, texture, even placement of the window is totally on the customer. These windows provide privacy and security without compromising on the comfort of the people within the building. There are multiple service providers who can come up with the reasonable yet good quality windows for your home, even your commercial buildings.



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