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How can you Style your Soap Boxes?

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kraft soap boxes

The packaging is all about functionality and design. There are numerous ways you can design packaging for your products, depending on its need and the demands of the customer. You can experiment with so many choices when it comes to custom soap boxes packaging. Soap is one of the most basic parts of skincare products, and almost every beauty brand has its own soap range due to which the competition has become very tough. It’s important and equally hard to establish a special place in the market.


Ways You Can Style Your Soap Boxes

Kraft Packaging

The increasing environmental awareness in the general public has enhanced the demand for natural skincare products such as handmade soaps and chemical-free skin range. Kraft soap boxes packaging for handmade soapis, therefore, becoming the most popular way to pack handmade soaps. This is the best way to enhance the natural and eco-friendly look of organic soaps. Moreover, the packaging is 100% recyclable, making the entire product and its packaging eco-friendly, green, and organic. You can design these kraft boxes in so many different ways. For instance, you can add windows, die-cutting, sleeves, and drawers to the boxes.

The plain brown look of the kraft paper will attract the customers for the environment-friendly look and will have a special customer base. Moreover, kraft packaging is also a cost-effective way to preserve your soaps. It provides ideal protection against environmental contaminants such as dust, moisture, bacteria, and humidity. In addition, the Kraft paper board is sturdy and durable. It does not easily tear or rip during transit or transport. You can add your brand’s logo and name on the boxes to promote your company and create brand awareness.


Die-cut Window Boxes

Custom soap packaging is an ideal way to grow your brand’s sales by the eye-catching appearance and the best presentation. It will let customers remember your brand and help in building customer loyalty for your soap brand. Soap boxes with window of different shapes such as round, oval, or rectangular will not only enhance the appeal of the packaging box but also create product transparency. PVC windows provide a creative way to display your soaps and let the customers have a sneak peek through the box and smell it without opening the boxes. Adding PVC sheets on the windows will protect your soap from contamination and damage.


Drawer Boxes

Boxes with sliding drawers also present a great way to pack soaps. This style is unique and appeals to the customers. Moreover, it also offers great functionality; the wide border of the drawer box provides maximum protection to the soap inside from been damaged and crushed even after dropping to the floor. In addition, the slide open drawer provides the best unboxing experience to the consumers. You can design these drawer boxes the way you want and add your branded sticker labels to save time and cost.


Pillow Boxes

A custom pillow box is another option you can explore while creating your soap packaging. The pillow-shaped boxes have a very elegant yet functional look. Moreover, the custom artwork can enhance its look even more. Pillow boxes are unique and hence showcase your soaps in the best way possible on the retail shelves. So, if you want to make your products stand out, a pillow box is always a great idea. You can also add details to the boxes by printing ingredient details and the benefits of those ingredients. Let the customers be aware of what they are investing it and how it is worth it.



A good product presentation is always a nice idea to promote your brand and deliver brand messages to the buyers. Selecting the packaging material for custom soap boxes will allow you to choose the durable material and prolong the shelf time. Moreover, you can opt for environment-friendly packaging rather than going for plastic soap wrapper. There is a small trick in opting for the natural green packaging theme; it will let the consumers know your soap features and enhance the natural properties of your handmade soaps.

Moreover, custom packaging provides you the freedom to design your product’s packaging in so many different ways that can amp up the entire look of the product. It can change customer perception and enhance sales. Several companies offer custom packaging facilities, but PlusPrinters has the best wholesale soap boxes both in terms of quality and design. They have the shortest turn-around time and the wisest manufacturing and design teams. If you are new to the business, their team provides free assistance and consultation. Moreover, they have an excellent customer care service available to serve their clients 24/7. Therefore, join hands with a responsible name such as Plus Printers and get what you want.


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