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September 26, 2021

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How can you make your bathroom design modern and trendy?

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Bathroom designs are crucial during a remodel to give your house an overall excellent look. The bathroom is also one of the high-traffic areas of the house. It will catch the eye of each person in your house if the design is trendy. Apart from that, you’ll spend a lot of time up there each day. Be it for your early morning shower or even a bubble bath after a long day. You’ll do these things each day, so it makes sense to spice up the interiors a bit too.

You can adopt a lot of new theme designs into the house. Be it a modern or a minimalistic one; it should follow your house’s theme. You can easily add elements too that give it a more modern vibe. Like a frameless shower door or a unique paint design would indeed give your bathroom that pop of modernism. Also, you can add some quirky elements like geometrically shaped mirrors to spice things up at a lower budget. So, if you’re in the same place and want to remodel your old bathroom to a modern one, follow these tips:

Paint designs

The paint on your walls doesn’t need to be just plain old shades. You can get creative and experiment with the look. It is a great way to give it that modern element. You should opt for textured paint on the walls. A great method is to design one wall and keep the others at a minimal pastel shade. Apart from that, choosing your shades is crucial too. For a minimal look, go for a beige or just white. If you want a fun and quirky one, get any of those new neon shades on any of the walls. Also, keep in mind to integrate the look of the entire bathroom while selecting any of the elements.

Bathroom fixtures

Your shower or the bathtub is also crucial to the entire design. You cannot just focus on the walls or the design and forget about the actual elements. Select the fixtures like the seat, the shower, the washbasin, and the bathtub with the layout in mind. It will enable you to narrow down the choices and also help with color selection. Apart from that, you should account for the overall expenses and ensure that everything fits in it.


Many people miss out on the lighting in their bathroom. It is an essential component that helps highlight the others and complete the entire look. You cannot just install a simple lightbulb in a modern bathroom. It needs to be on par with the entire design. Little lamps or wall mount lights would go well if you’re opting for a contemporary design. You can also go for ceiling lights for a minimalistic look.

Using glass

There isn’t a better addition than glass doors for a modern bathroom. It gives a sleek look to any room easily without doing too much. You should get a custom glass dealer to get the best design that suits your home. Apart from that, ensure that you get it for the shower doors plus the windows. Also, select the glass type prudently.


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