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How Can You Improve Customer Relationship With Customer Success Software?

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Improve Customer Relationship

Good relationships are based on trust and communication. Customer relationships means managing customer expectations and ensuring companies achieve their set goals. If you have heard the terms ‘customer relationship management or ‘customer success software’ you are not alone. Improving customer relationship with customer success software is possible. To improve customer relationships, you need to have a bevy of means to communicate with the customer. In addition to the product or service, there are other things that constitute a customer relationship. Phone calls, customer meetings, emails, contract negotiations, social media and other data and information forms an important part of customer relationship. In this article, you will learn all about how to improve customer relationship with customer success software. Firstly, let us know what a customer relationship exactly means?

Customer Relationships: What is it?

Digital customer relationships begin even before the actual sale is made. It is a pre-cursor and starts way before a customer is connected to a customer success agent. Customer relationship differs from sector to sector. They are closely tracked and can be adjusted based on the results customers expect and customer lifecycle. Customers want products that meet their needs and expectations. So, customer relationship is all you as a business do to manage your relationship with customers. Customer success is the end result of a good customer relationship.

Here is how you can manage and improve customer relationships with a customer success software. Managing the brand relationship with customers is not easy and here are some ways to manage it better.

·        Use a Customer Success Software to Know About Customer Needs

Using a customer success software can help understand customer relationship better. This will help predict what their needs are then work back accordingly. Let us see this in detail.

·        Keep in Mind that Customers are Companies

Your customers in a B2B setup are simply other companies. They are not individual people. They are companies who offer services to their customers. This is why you need to build your relationship on those terms.

·        Track Customer Relationship with Company

Keeping a track of the customer relationship with the company is important. Metrics can be helpful here in building a stronger understanding. Based on how engaged your customers are, you can plan the next move. The metrics can range from customer lifetime value to net retention rate depending on the exact product and industry.

·        Collect Feedback Regularly

Customer success is what is wanted eventually by all companies. This is possible if the relationship is improved based on customer feedback. Feedback through surveys, short calls, emails, social media and more can be helpful. What do they feel about the existing services? Can something be improved? Is customer experience good or frustrating so far? These simple questions can help seal the deal.

How a Customer Success Software Can Improve Customer Relationships

Customer success as we know is important for any organization. Customer relationship management has changed with time and this is why customer success software can help. By making customer data easy to access, derive, find insights, and make it more accessible- you need to use a customer success software. Customer success platforms work on opportunity management that exists within the system. You can get information and customer data such as product usage data, third party application usage, and more. CS platforms also help analyse customer engagement. Customer success platforms focus on not only customer relationships but also customer value, customer experience and more. This is why a CS platform is important for improving customer relationships.

Here are ways in which a Customer success software helps you improve customer relationships. instead of using tools that are irrelevant, it is recommended to use CS platforms. Some key aspects of CS platforms for customer relationships.

Development and Management of Customer Data

CS software helps focus on relationship data that will help improve customer communication. The challenge with companies is there is this bundle of customer data. Managing this data will be easy with CS platforms. They help you organize, automate, energize, and scale customer success processes across the customer lifecycle. You can use the data to understand customers better, manage accounts better, and develop strategies that would work.


Reports are essential in customer relationship management. Reports help track product usage, understand the cost of losses, and more. You can check what parts of the relationship are strained and what needs to improve. These reports help track number of requests in a day, average answering time, number of messages per account, total requests, closed requests, recurring tickets and more. You can also get insights on specific sectors in the account.


Customer success platforms have active dashboards that will show the strength of various triggers. What makes customers react in a certain way and why? These dynamic dashboards help understand various touchpoints and conversations. With these dashboards, you can track integrations, make sense of a lot of data and deliver value accordingly. Helping to improve the customer-facing strategy, these centralised hubs of information can monitor key business and customer metrics.

Real-time insights

Create actionable insights which can help improve customer relationship. One thing to do is create a strategy for dynamic approach to data and build analytics accordingly. These insights will help teams be proactive when a relationship is not working out and work to mend it beforehand. With the right foresight, you can achieve a blueprint of how customers think. This will be helpful in creating a customer relationship strategy that works.

Holistic view

You will get a holistic view of how your CS team can manage customer expectations, provide them information, track renewals, understand usage patterns, frequent problem areas and more. With real-time alerts, you can track and maintain the pulse of customer operations and accounts. A holistic view will set people and process in place with insights.

Identify customer health

Identify true customer health and use the combined data to act appropriately. Like for example- why is a certain account decreasing usage? Why are the number of clicks reducing? What is the key to improving customer health score, etc. Customer health is a key indicator in customer relationships. Customers in bad health can be harmful to the business as their risk of churning is far more. Customers with better health can be noted for processes to improve health.

Identify upsell opportunities

Find scope for upselling opportunities and convert this data into useful insights. Having proactive alerts that will help see chances for upselling or cross selling will not only improve the relationship but also improve customer success.

How to Choose the Right Customer Success Software?

Choosing a customer success software can be made simple. If you are looking to improve customer relationship via a CS platform, here are some tips that can help you pick the right software.


First off, you need to envision your business targets and understand what goals you want to achieve. A customer success solution needs to fit your requirements well and increase productivity. You need to find customers who may churn, or you need to know what products are performing- what is your requirement. Noting that will help narrow down the list as per it.


Is there a chance this software will support my growing needs? Is it possible to scale operations? Bigger solutions may not be the right solution always. You need something that is capable of handling a small or a growing business. This flexibility and scalability is important for any company.


Knowing what integrations are offered is important. Your data is synced to various platforms and so should it be with a CS software to get your worth. Integrations are where your data is available for use. This is where the CS software gets information of billing, CRM, NPS, support, tickets, renewals dates, contract details, customer plans, subscription information, invoicing terms, regulations, tax invoices and more. A good CS software should match integrations to CS software.

Team capability

Customer success teams need products that are mobile, flexible, remote-friendly and easily accessible. The mobility of CS software is important as they often travel. It also needs to update automatically, and require less moderation and monitoring.


Key features that form part of any CS software include-

  • 360-degree customer view
  • Customer playbooks
  • Health scoring
  • Real-time account intelligence
  • Automated campaigns
  • Product analytics
  • Task management
  • Touchpoint management
  • Survey and feedback information
  • Personalized engagement

Other key features include account intelligence, product adoption, customer relationship operations, early warning system, and customer segmentation. Having an intelligent platform can drive action, onboarding, adoption and more by improving and enhancing customer relationships.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a small business or a growing one, you need a customer success software. Customer success managers who are at the frontline in handling customer relationships, improving customer experience need a tool uniquely positioned to juggle customer queries, accounts, and information with patience and clarity. This is why a customer success platform like SmartKarrot will help you accelerate your strategy, enhance customer relationships and help you reach goals.

Author Bio: Jafar Sadhik

A passionate digital marketer possessing sound knowledge in the fields like SaaS tools, CX, churn statistics, etc. Previously, worked for top ventures like SportsKeeda and Neil Patel Digital India, and currently works at SmartKarrot Inc. He loves to read books during leisure and a great admirer of Agatha Christie’s works.

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