September 18, 2021

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How Can Students Effectively Use O-Level Past Paper For The Preparation Of Exams?

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O-Level Past Paper

No doubt, the O-level exam in Pakistan is the best replacement of the matriculation system but our students are not fully aware of this examination system. A number of students fail every year because of the lack of guidance and inappropriate preparation strategy. There are a few schools and academies that are helping students to prepare for the O-level exam but they are very expensive. This is the age of the internet and students have a plethora of platforms to prepare through them. However, keep yourself update with changing trends in marking of papers and syllabi.

Why past papers are considered essential to pass the exam?

Many of the students think that it is a difficult exam but pragmatically the examiner wants to judge your problem-solving skills. Instead of cramming and memorizing things, the O-level students should focus on developing their concepts. Going through previous papers is an imperative tool to develop cognitive learning skills among O-level students. It becomes easy for students to figure out their knowledge gaps.

Past papers help students to stand out from other candidates:

‘’The first impression is the last impression’’. Every year thousands of students appear for the O-level exam but how can you distinguish your paper from the rest of the candidates. This situation is very critical. The examiner is looking for a comprehensive answer. The O-level past papers prepare students to use specific keywords that enhance the beauty of the paper. The answers are based on viewing the past papers and principle examiner’s report.

Develop critical judgment skills:

Most of the students get low marks because they are unable to figure the essence of the question asked by the examiners. In O-level exams, the questions are based on a scenario to test the concepts of students. The O-level past papers are a tool of practice and by solving hundreds of papers you automatically develop problem-solving skills. The past papers encouragesmart learning and provide a multi-dimensional approach to solve a question.

Solve online quiz to avoid inconvenience during the exam:

The 40% part of your paper is comprised of MCQ or blank. There is a big risk to solve them, either you are marking the right option or not. Many students face time management problems. The online O-level quiz helps the students to manage their time while solving MCQ or blanks. Every right answer has a reason behind it. Their explanation clears all ambiguities and complexities of the students. Many of the MCQ repeat every year. If you have solved them before, it will save your time during the exam. The online O-level quiz has combined thousands of MCQ of various subjects.

One-step revision strategy:

A day before the exam is hectic, rough, and burdensome. The O-level syllabus is very vast and many students cannot review the entire night before the exam. As a result, they fail to recall the answers and topics. A simple solution to this problem is past papers. You can quickly go through all the topics by revising past papers.

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