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How an Organic Quilted Mattress Protector Can Help You Achieve Sound Sleep?

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What is A Quilted Mattress Protector?

A quilted mattress protector is a mattress cover which creates a barrier between your mattress and minor stains and spills. For instance, blood stains and minor food spills will not reach your mattress if you have a quilted mattress protector.

Using a mattress protector is beneficial for the bedding of kids’ room as it will improve the life of the mattress. The protector will also offer you the flexibility of removing and cleaning the upper layer without any hassle.

However, it is necessary to understand that the quilted mattress protectors have membrane backings which can be breathable or non-breathable. A non-breathable mattress protector may not offer airflow, so it makes your bed warm and cozy.

How an Organic Certified Mattress Protector Offers Sound Sleep?

It is common for many individuals to perceive quilted mattress protector as a crinkly cover for their organic certified mattresswhich is utilized in the kid’s bedroom to prevent spills and stains. However, in reality, a good quality quilted mattress protector is made with organic material using natural substances. Hence, it is beneficial for various reasons explained below:

1.      Reduced Dust Mite Infestation

Even after keeping your mattress clean and fresh, it is not possible to completely eliminate the growth of dust mites. The warm and humid environments encourage the growth of dust mites in the creeks of your mattress. In fact, humans promote this growth while sleeping because our body releases several types of fluids during the night.

Although these mites don’t necessarily harm many of the individuals because mites feed on dead skin, it is unhealthy to sleep every day on such a mattress. If a user has allergies or asthma, a mattress with mites can be extremely harmful to them as dust mites are a major reason for triggering an allergic reaction.

A quilted mattress protector can reduce the growth of dust mites, especially when your mattress is new. You can utilize a protector on the mattress to eliminate the growth of mites from the first day.

How will you keep the mattress protector safe from dust mites?

You can easily remove the quilted mattress protector and wash is as per the guidelines to keep it free from dust mites.

2.      Reduced Susceptibility to Spills

Adding an extra layer of protection to your mattress means you are preventing spills. If you don’t utilize a mattress protector, even minor spills can take hours to dry out. This moisture will again create a room for dust-mite growth.

With a quilted mattress protector, you can simply remove the protector and replace it with another one. Your mattress stays clean, dry, and stain-free.

3.      Reduced Exposure to Allergy causing Pathogens and Chemicals

While a quilted mattress protector saves you from dust mites, it also reduces other allergens. An organic protector is manufactured with natural and organic materials such as cotton. These materials are not treated with chemicals like pesticides, formaldehyde, etc.

Due to all these reasons, a quilted mattress protector has less exposure to allergens that are harmful to every individual, especially children. You can simply vacuum, sun-dry, or wash the protector regularly to keep it clean.

4.      Additional Comfort

More than anything, a quilted mattress protector creates an additional layer of comfort over your mattress. You can sleep all night in a comfortable and healthy environment.

It is known that mattress protectors are created with characteristic loop patterns. Due to these patterns, you can stretch in every direction, your mattress cover will automatically adjust to your sleeping position.

This protector is also made with soft material which protects your skin from harsh irritants and fabric chemicals.


A quilted mattress protector can save your organic certified mattressfrom dust mites, spills, stains, and other allergens. You can easily remove the protector from your bed, sun-dry it from time-to-time, and keep it clean from dust and mold. The cost of this additional bedding element is lower than replacing the whole bedding. Hence, when you are making an investment on a new mattress, don’t forget to purchase a protector with it. Just remember to check the cleaning requirements and organic certification before making the purchase. 

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