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10 Best Gadgets for making your House a “Smart Home”

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You can guess that houses and apartments will be “smart” soon. But you may not have thought about the extent of the device coming into the living space. With the best ideas for home automation, we have figured out how to use new accelerators to organize your apartment.

First and foremost, make sure your high-tech apartment doesn’t become a precursor to unscrupulous visitors. Okay, making this house full of equipment in a simple and worse way is silly for the burglar.

Lockitron Bolt:

When you and your smartphone leave the room, this lock uses Bluetooth to record. You can give access to friends and family. Every time someone enters or leaves the apartment, you are notified by email.

August Smart Lock:

The famous version of the “intelligent” castle has won people’s trust and hospitality. It can run on batteries and can sync with smartphones via Bluetooth. The application converts the contact list into a list of available apartments. August always knows how to automatically close the door behind you, send messages when someone enters the room, etc.

Surveillance Cameras:

To understand everything that happens in the house, all you need is a modern camera. Also, the new home solution is small, comfortable, and very cool.

Butterfly Eye:

The square camera is equipped with everything you need. She knows how to record movements and record videos in Full HD. -16 GB internal memory, powerful battery, accelerometer, and wall magnet. It syncs with the smartphone and sends all messages there, streams videos, and delivers the most critical reports.

Nest cam:

Unlike previous versions, Nest Cam has a wider viewing angle, can record audio, and ignore external noise. The camera can record not only the video but also the timing of a particular event. The camera can be placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall.


The waterproof wireless camera syncs with smartphones. If you install multiple devices of this type at home at the same time, you can manage them using cloud services. On the phone screen, you can see photos from four cameras – there is a unique program. There are motion sensors and a night vision mode.


A single device can control everything that happens at home. It uses proprietary technology to capture the activity of any room with sound. No other sensor is required. Of course, it has a camera and can be synchronized with a smartphone. If Cocoon solves strange problems, you will be notified. There is an outstanding feature: you also know it when the device is uninstalled or disconnected from the network. The cloud service detects that there is no device on the Internet and sends a notification to your mobile phone.


This compact camera can perform all the above tasks. In addition to the essential functions, a sensor is also integrated to determine the condition of the air conditioner. Record its moisture, temperature, and composition, and transfer them to your smartphone. Also, there are cameras, sound sensors, and alarms.


Small devices can monitor multiple indicators simultaneously. AWAIR continually monitors the presence of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide in the air, toxic components, and dust. The data is summarized in the form of a summary, after which AWAIR delivers its solution to the problem.

Keen Home:

An intelligent ventilation system is built in the house. It has temperature and pressure sensors, and each device is synchronized with a smartphone and a thermostat. This is the last part of the whole air quality monitoring system. Without intelligent ventilation, this seems impossible.

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