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Highlights Of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tour With Important Tips

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Highlights of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tour withImportant Tips

Enjoy a Liva oasis and explore the many fun activities in the desert. Abu Dhabi desert safari includes many fun activities that entertain everyone who comes here. Morning, evening, and the overnight safari consist of different deals.

Desert safari gives you chance to explore the Bedouin-style living, freshwater pools, and the palm gloves, sunset evening. Many visitors who want to stay in Abu Dhabi choose the desert safari from the Abu Dhabi service. Pick and drop service is free if you book your tour from the authentic tourism LLC.

Important Tips & Tricks about desert safari Tour

Choose the best timing & weather for a visitor

Visiting the luxurious desert safari, you need to choose the best timing to explore the more activities. October and April are the most suitable month for visiting because the weather is cool not too hot.

So you can also need to choose a morning or evening desert safari tour. More fun and entertainment are held in the evening, so evening time is best where you can enjoy camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, henna painting, sunset photography, Hubbly Bubbly Sheesha pipe, BBQ dinner, belly dance, Tanoura dance show, and the Fire show. Also, a Bedouin-style camp night environment is so amazing.

  • Plan your normal outfit 

To plan a tour of a desert safari, you need to plan a tour outfit first. Need casual dress, also stall fir morning and evening cold. Half trouser and the top also suitable dress for the desert safari trip.

Heavy dresses are not suitable for the desert trip as well as the Abu Dhabi city tour because the weather is mostly warm.

  • Be ready to adjust here

Desert safari has a mixed bunch of people, so be ready to adjust yourself here. Get the best experience ever to explore the adventure Arabian safari. At a dinner time, maybe you get a little chaotic but be patient and keep calm!

  • Keep sunscreen and sunglasses

For the desert safari tour, you know the all area is sandy. Dust is very harmful to your skin and eyes. So keep sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays on the sandy land.

  • Need some handy cash

Handy cash is also needed for dessert to buy something special from here. If you 2nat to buy some souvenirs from the campsite, you must have some money in your pocket.

  • For desert, tour need open shoe & camera

The Arabian Desert is full of sand and without open shoes, you cannot walk on the red sand easily. Wear cut shoes because of walking on the sandy desert dunes. For photography in the beautiful desert must take your camera.

  • Important precautions during the desert trip

Important precautions, tips & tricks are also included in the Abu Dhabi city tourYour handbag and the carry is your responsibility during traveling. Also now covid-19, so wear a face mask and sanitize your hand as usual.

Another thing, don’t take the heavy amount, gold and the other expensive stuff. Because when you take desert dune driving, Sandboarding, and quad biking, maybe lost. Follow these tricks and make the trip memorable!

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