September 18, 2021

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Guide to Creative Writing

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In other words, ‘the skill of blending things up,’ creative content writing is a fundamental piece of the current world. The post intends to shed light on the elements that involve writing creatively and guide to give you an idea regarding certain types of creative writing.

What Is Creative Writing?

You possibly will have perceived it called various things. Customarily alluded to as literature, creative writing involves the skill of sorts – the ability to blend things. Such a process of writing involves writing in a manner that isn’t academic or technical; however, at the same time draws in people’s attention.

In spite of the fact that the definition is somewhat loose, such writing technique, for the most part, could be viewed as any writing that is unique and self-expressive. For instance, a news article can’t be viewed as creative writing based on the fact that its primary objective is to show realities and not to communicate the sentiments of the writer. While a news story can be enjoyable, its principal objective is to demonstrate the realities.

On the other hand, the objective in the case of creative writing involves both entertaining and share the human experience, similar to love or misfortune. Writers endeavor to get at a reality about humankind by means of poetics and storytelling; however, these days, there are some other elements that involve creative content writing, which we will find out below.

Some of The Types That Creative Writing Includes:

  • Billboard Copywriting
  • Brand Names Writing
  • Video Script Writing
  • Resume Writing

Billboard Copywriting

Billboards these days have a diverse role as compared to the era of 20-30 years ago from the consumers’ perspective. Despite the fact billboards, in any case, be viewed as premium marketing space, a number of consumers are more connected to their smartphones, radios, and other driving attractions. As a result, the eyes of the drivers are regularly diverted or down at a stop, turning out to be difficult to catch their eye.

In any case, that doesn’t indicate billboard advertising needs to be limited or disregarded. Billboards are all over the place, and despite the fact that we possibly will remember only a bunch, they can, in any case, have an amazing branding impact.

This implies open outdoor advertising is turning out to be progressively competitive. Thus, it’s vital to realize the manner in which you can make the most of your advertising:

  • Be smart (However Not very clever)
  • Get Seen Without Distraction
  • Avoid Direct Response
  • Analyze the Logo Size
  • Seven Words or Less
  • Show, Don’t Tell
  • More Is Better


Brand Names Writing

When it comes to writing a brand name, you need to consider the leading brands and observe how they fit into the six name types.

Brand Name Types:

  • After founder
  • Descriptive
  • Fabricated
  • Metaphor
  • Acronym
  • Real word








Real Words

Video Script Writing

With regards to making and editing video content, filmmakers and inbound marketers aren’t that unlike. They’re both telling the story, and irrespective of the fact that the story is regarding a hero or an item, they’re both attempting to grab the audience and let them have confidence in the story. What occurs toward the finish of the story is somewhat diverse, however.

In most cases, advertisers wear a ton of hats, and out of all the hats worn, constantly, the videographer one isn’t their favorite. That is on the grounds that making videos could turn out to be daunting, particularly in case you’re new to it.

How to Write a Video Script in Short Simple Steps?

  • Begin with a brief
  • Make use of your brief to write an outline
  • Present yourself as well as the subject toward the start of your script
  • Write your video script, section by section
  • Back any B-roll with the best possible callouts in your original narrative
  • Keep it concise
  • Do a verbal go through off-camera


Resume Writing

In most cases, from a perspective of a job seeker, a great resume is the thing that remains between a fantasy job and Choice D. As soon as you get your resume right, you’ll begin receiving responses from each organization you apply to.

In case, your resume doesn’t end up fitting; however, you’ll wind up sitting around for quite a long time, possibly months, before you even get a single response. Though, in this case, creative content writing services could play their role to save your time and energy.

Accordingly, you’re most likely thinking about how you can write a resume that allures HR to invite you for an interview. Here are the steps on how to write a winning resume!

  • Settle on an appropriate format/layout for your resume
  • Include your personal details and contact information
  • Make sure to include a resume summary or objective
  • Include and categorize your work experience and accomplishments
  • Include your exclusive soft and hard skills
  • Include extra resume sections – languages, hobbies, and so on. (optional)
  • Modify your information intended for the particular job
  • Come up with a persuading cover letter
  • Proofread your resume and cover letter


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Jayden Darrio has been associated with some of the renowned creative content writing services, pursuing his passion for writing creative pieces after completing studies.

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