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Google Makes a Rare Education Technology Acquisition

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Google Makes a Rare Education Technology Acquisition

Need information?  Get on the Google! But what if someone needs a book from a library or want to share a project with a classmate? That was a need which was targeted by Google and that made Google to acquire Workbench.

Workbench; New Educational Wonderland:

Workbench is a new wonderland for teachers and students to explore the charms of learning and education. It was mentioned by law essay writersthat workbench proved to be platform that took the teaching phenomenon to new level.

What is Workbench?

Workbench is the digital platform which is constructed to help and meet demands of educational system.Workbench main focus is on project based learning (PBL).

Project based learning:

Best Essay writers UKexplain PBL as a project on which student spend quality time (a week or a semester) and get himself trained to solve complex, real time problems.

PBL features:

The project based learning system have three main features that help the education system.


Students are given assignment to solve real world problems. Students are asked to solve the issue using intelligence and dedication. Students are allowed to use different knowledge, content and skills to solve the problem. “This boost morale of students and make this confident about their skills “commented by British essay writers UK based. When students are able to solve real life challenge they get confidence of their own.


Students get mentally and physically attached to the project. As they know they are the only people who can solve the problem. Students are challenged to solve the problem by having deeper understanding of problem. Students get benefit of using variety of content for their help and solving the problem. Thus they become the only master mind of the project.

Ease for teachers:

The old trend was, when teacher has to do lots of efforts to educate the student but still student was not able to solve real time issue and challenges. Through project based learning students and teachers get ease of accepting the challenges and solve them with speed and knowledge.

Workbench and PBL:

It is the process when brain meets with technology, through workbench number of PBL ideas are shared on online platform which helps in;

Getting ideas:

On workbench daily number of ideas are shared by teachers and students which becomes source of new idea generation.


It is not important that every idea becomes outstanding idea. Different people have different reviews which help in self-motivation and doing work with deeper hard work and understanding

Something challenging:

Students who are engage with PBL are the one who find challenges as fascinating them. They work on real time issues which boost their morale and encourages them to take challenges in real life too.


Who doesn’t like being motivated by teachers and people? The main purpose of workbench is to motivate students to get them engage in right work which is solving real time issues.

The right way to educate:

Students read heavy books but hardly implement any of their knowledge. Through project base learning system they actually implement and use their own knowledge with real-time problem.

Workbench Mission:

Workbench started its journey during 2013, by conducting a workshop for teacher on professional development where teachers were introduced to new software and tools to conduct classes in the digital manner. This technique was liked by different schools and workbench was asked to give sessions for their teachers too. The main areas that workbench worked on are:

1.      Training teachers about technology tools:

Today’s teacher needs to work on understanding the use of technology and tools. A teacher cannot survive if he has no awareness of digital tools as they help in facilitating the students with concepts like real world practices.

2.      Getting student and teacher engagement on online platform:

Teacher need to manage a trustworthy relationship with students on online platform of workbench. Number of students and teachers share their work on workbench and communicate new ideas.

3.      Give confidence to teachers:

When teachers are aware about digital stuff, they get more confident about trying different experiments. And engaging and teaching students various concepts in quick manner.

4.      Training for future trends:

Everyone needs knowledge of new trends, same goes with teaching faculty. The teachers need to get equipped with new trends of market about education.

5.      STEAM education:

When science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics work together to educate a child in phenomenal way.

Advantages of Workbench:

There must be some outstanding features that makes a company to be acquired by Google. Cheap essay writing services UK mentioned some of the major advantages of the workbench that stood out in education market.

1.      Mixture of education and technology:

Workbench is true mixture education and technology, as student gets to practice his learned and known information in real field. It is like when engineer work in field after acquiring degree. Thus it become source of new challenges.

2.      Student confidence:

Student get self-confidence when their ideas are being accepted, viewed abd liked by other members of the workbench.

3.      Something new:

Every project give something new to knowledge and academia. The new ideas are being welcomed, studied and shared which creates an innovative environment.

4.      Student & Teacher bonds:

The strongest and more intelligent bond is made on workbench. Where students are being motivated by their teachers in front of number of members. Which boost morale.

5.      New era:

This is preparation of technological era coming ahead. People gets real time issues and students get a chance to solve those real time issues.


This is how future shapes it path in this world through technology and intelligence. Today is the era of techno but tomorrow is the era of artificial intelligence and much more. To cope up with this speed of world one needs to have full grip over his learning experiences because the student is master mind of tomorrow, who needs to rule machines and artificial intelligence. The more student solve real time issue the deeper sharpness they get.

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