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September 23, 2021

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Follow Experts Cricket Fantasy Tips of 2019 to Win Cash

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Cricket Fantasy Tips of 2019

Cricket is considered to be the oldest international game in the world. While its popularity cannot be doubted, other things that cricket has carried forward is betting. Several cricket fans love to bet on their favorite teams, matches, and players.  With the introduction of fantasy cricket for cash kind of competitions, betting too has gained wider popularity through.

Cricket has changed over the years, from test cricket to ODI to T20, there has been a sricketubtle change in the cricket style. The nature and role of batsmen, bowlers and fielders have drastically brought more exciting contest for betters. So, if you want to explore cricket betting, if it is wiser to know certain fantasy cricket betting tips before entering into the world of fun and money.

  1. Know the game and its rule thoroughly

Yes, cricket is not a simple game, statisticians love cricket because it offers them so much more than a simple scoring in football. So more the statistics more the rules, more are the rules that you should follow. Test cricket has a different paying strategy than ODI and T20. Also, in the test, there are two innings compared to just one in ODI and T20. Then there is a difference between T20 and ODI in terms of overs, fielding restrictions, playing strategy, etc. Thus, if you are not aware of each and every rule, strategy, etc. it might be risky for you to bet.

  • Know how to use statistics

There are several statistics in cricket that can affect the outcome of the betting. So, use them cleverly. Some of the statistics to follow are batting average, batting strike rate, bowling average, bowling economy rate, wickets taken, runs made, no. of the 50s, no. of 100, no. of 5 wickets in an inning, maiden overs, etc.

  • Know trends and patterns

There are several cricket trends that people fail to notice. Sometimes, host countries continue to win, sometimes spinners play a bigger role in a particular tournament, etc. There will be some trend that you can pick and those trends will certainly help you win the bet.

  • Analyze possible outcomes

In cricket, there are several possible outcomes. Like in a test match possible outcome can be win by team A, win by team B, draw and tie. However, possible outcomes in ODI and T20 are win by either team, tie or no outcome. The possibility of each outcome also depends on several factors. Thus, if you analyse possible outcomes, you will be able to predict better about the match and thus your winning chance too will increase. Also, note that the pitch also plays an important role in a possible outcome. A flat pitch in test match may mean a possible draw. Similarly, a fast track in ODI may mean a low scoring match.

  • Players form

Knowing the form of players is important information in cricket betting. There are 11 players in cricket and individual performance matters in this team sport. Any player can be the reason between the win and the loss. So be mindful about the form of each and every player while betting.

If you follow these five betting tips, you increase your chance to win at betting.

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