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Florida State Provides Their Concerns AndThoughts On High School Grade Inflation

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High School Grade Inflation

In the recent event, there was a crucial topic discussed which subjected to a much-needed circumstance that was regarding “High School Grade Inflations”. In an annual occasion held by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. There was one of America’s most prestigious educational institutions the Florida State University that was a part of the event as a governing body and who took the highest attention of the subject.

At the event, many educational topics were spoken and debated on. Especially one of a prominent must needed topic was well addressed on high school grade inflation by a senior position holder from the Florida State University. There was even a joke that was appreciated. The joke was particularly towards and in favor of admissions leaders since they don’t only have an intense job but also unnecessarily vilified for their work.

The reason the joke was well received and appreciated since every year as the high school grade scoring on an average of the admitted applicants continues to rise, the admission depart has to take on the added pressure. Especially with the growth of writing services, it is harder to select and admit the deserving candidate since anyone can simply hire an illustrator for a children’s book, college acceptance letter or for any other writing services required that will jeopardize equal and deserving credibility in their high school result.

Barnhill, an AVP (Assistant Vice President) for enrollment management at Florida State University was extremely honest and outspoken when it came to speaking about the High School Grade Inflation. As he projected and presented his presentation quite strongly based on statistics and researches carried out externally amongst various high schools as well as internally within Florida State.   

He began addressing the issue by stating that the major factor that is affecting the rise in GPAs is not only occurring in their university but every other university and so have the level of applicants increased. A laymen admission officer has no part in the trends to change and the admission officer’s duty carries a great amount of responsibility since a single temperament would make it difficult to trust high school grades.

Likewise, the responsibility is on the admission officer is on the candidate to not indulge in unfair means by acquiring services where one can hire an illustrator for a children’s book or university acceptance letter. Then only can fairly admissions be taken up. This scenario was picked on to eliminate the idea and thought that mostly is circulated in regards to admission officers having to play an important role in the high school grade inflation. Since if fair consideration is taken such can be avoided and Florida State does its utter best to avoid such happenings from occurring.  

The first data that was projected was based on the information on how GPAs of students from Florida State University can provide a clearer representation of the rise that is being endured each year. Barnhill, mentioned why he does not believe that the grades of students reflect the increased brainpower of his students as their initial SATs averaged up to the match where an increased GPA was affirmed but left aside an increase in the former years was attributed due to a new version/ format of the SAT.   

Barnhill also compared it with the grades attained by the new Florida State Students immediately as they were enrolled in the university. Based on the findings he suggested that the grades were relatively constantly steady in terms of the academic achievements of the students from Florida State despite the increased high school grades. He also further went on to contribute that the few reasons that universities were in the way were because if the widespread grade inflation that is being encountered in general on high schools.

He confirmed after taking account of the trends of high schools their weighting grades were coming up with and even more reason to affirm that a few of the A’s are worth 4.5-5 points which would mean an Advanced Placement, Honors and so forth.  Even other colleges Florida State has dealt with inherent and unfair issues if the different systems by recalculating GPAs while creating and following common rules.

Such an action has eliminated the growth of high school students who are not excelling based on their tests or assignments that are reevaluated. Reevaluation has both possibilities sometimes where the teacher instructs for it but in many places, the parents pressure the teacher to grant an unfair opportunity of a reevaluation. In previous years this was rare but now has become a common practice.

Barnhill, also shares that the scholarship programs put on way to much pressure on students and even parents. In Florida State, over 51,000 applications are undergone review. On the other hand there’s some affordable traffic law lawyers He also suggested that the trend in grade inflation can be reinforced in his view since “more is better” when it comes to assessing applicants. Since Barnhill has assured that Florida State has adjusted a few admission decisions due to the use of their dashboard system implemented.

Barnhill accessed the data Florida State to collect the “predictive validity” on numerous admission criteria. So if there is no reason for grades to inflate in high school it should not make admission impossible or difficult. Every point being well presented and summarized in the presentation “The more thing change the more they stay the same” at the event. 


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