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September 23, 2021

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Floor Deal- For The Best Deal On Best Quality Wood Floors

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Floor Deal

Who can resist the regal charm of wood floors! They look elegant and classy and add beauty and warmth to any space. High quality wood floors are a timeless classic and will never go out of style. Synonymous with luxurious living, wood floors offer the easiest way to spruce up spaces, especially when you need a designated space for a creative activity like dance, painting or for gymming.

Rooms with wooden flooring look more spacious and airy as well. Wood flooring is strong and durable and can withstand intense foot traffic. In short, wood flooring can easily be considered a great investment for your home or office. They do not trap much dirt like carpets, and hence, are easy to clean too.

If you intend to redo your home or office, you must look for a wood paneling flooring dealer with established reputation so that you can choose what you need after thorough inspection and then get good quality work done. A wood floor that is well installed will never produce hollow vibrations or echoey sounds. Since there are no embossings, grout lines or fibres on wood panels, the floor does not trap particles and allergens like a carpet would. So wooden flooring also offers healthy indoor air quality.

Hardwood floors are not only sturdy, but also keep looking as good as new for much longer than carpet or vinyl and can do with some refinishing instead of replacing when they look a little worn out. The natural sheen of wooden floors coupled with durability makes wood floors the popular choice of many. Modern wood flooring comes in a wide range of colours, appearance and textures. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from a variety of options available.

Wood comes from trees and every tree is different from the other. So wood as a material for flooring comes with several natural looks, and these looks can be further enhanced with surface treatments or finishes. To have the most stunning wood floor, you don’t need just the wooden planks, but also accessories like mouldings, wall bases and underlays. At Floor Deal, you get all of that as well as installation and maintenance services. Floor Deal is your best deal indeed when you are looking for good quality wood flooring at affordable prices.

Cleaning your wood floor is easy- only dry mopping with a microfibre mop will remove most of the dirt. If need be, a damp mop once in a while should keep your wood floor sparkling clean. Restrict the use of water to clean the floor to as little as possible and after wet cleaning, also ensure that the floor dries quickly. Never use any course object to clean wood flooring since the abrasive effect of coarse materials spoils the top layer of the floor- the structure of the top layer of the wood will get spoilt, and the appearance too. You may need to ask your dealer if the floor would need waxing or polishing for better maintenance.

Since wood is a natural substance, temperature and humidity variations will have an effect on the wood flooring. Expansion and shrinkage can happen over time, and this could lead to cracking in some cases.

Unitex is a reputed brand that offers a wide variety of lifestyle products, especially wood floors that are unmatched in quality and look excellent too. Floor Deal is a well known Unitex Flooring dealer in Bangalore and stocks a wide variety of Unitex wood flooring products and you can drop by to have a look at the products stocked here to determine what suits your requirements and select the appropriate wood floor for you.

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