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September 24, 2021

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Fix This PC Can’t Run Windows 11 Error

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Fix This PC Can't Run Windows 11 Error

In this article, we will learn how to solve errors This PC can’t Run Windows 11. You would like to upgrade to Windows 11 and meet Windows 11 error message? Here’s how we can fix it.

Microsoft has been officially announced Windows 11 preview version on June 24th. Although the public release will come later this year, Microsoft’s computer Health Check app will allow Microsoft Windows 10 users to check if their computer is compatible with the new operating system requirements to install Windows 11.

There Are Two Different Results For PC Health Check Will Show:

  1. This PC can run Windows 11. Great news – this PC is compatible all the system requirements for Windows 11.
  2. This PC can’t run Windows 11. Unluckily, after running the Microsoft PC Health Check app shows the error “This PC can’t Run Windows 11” for many users.
    So, how we can upgrade our Windows 10 to Windows 11 without getting this error message?
    System Requirements to Install Windows 11?

The Below Mentions Are The System Requirements To Install Windows 11:

1GHz 64-bit processor
4GB of RAM
64 GB of storage space
System firmware (supports UEFI, Secure Boot)
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0.

In my previous mentioned, PC must support secure boot in Windows 11.

How to check if your system supports Secure Boot

Press Windows + R keys, type msinfo32.exe, and hit Enter.

Open system information from run dialog.

On the System Information window, select System Summary.

Scroll down to see if you find a section named Secure Boot State (as shown below).

If the Secure Boot State shows as “Off”, it means that your computer supports Secure Boot.

If the Secure Boot State shows as “Unsupported”, it indicates that your computer hardware doesn’t support secure boot. To fix it, move to the next part to check if your computer supports UEFI mode first.

System Requirements For WinDows 11

Check if your computer supports UEFI mode

Restart PC and press F2/F10/Del to enter BIOS.

Go to the Boot Menu, find the boot mode section, click to see if your computer supports UEFI mode.

If you see a UEFI mode, it means your computer supports this boot mode. And if it’s currently disabled, move to enable UEFI and Secure Mode.

Note that, if your computer doesn’t support UEFI mode, you can’t enable Secure Boot and upgrade to Windows 11.

Enable UEFI Mode And Secure Boot

Open Disk Management and check if the system disk is with GPT type.

If not, convert the OS disk to GPT disk first as UEFI and Secure Boot requires GPT disk type.

Here I suggest you applying MiniTool partition wizard with its disk conversion feature for help. It converts the disk to MBR or GPT without removing any data or partitions.

After disk conversion, restart PC and enter BIOS, go to the Boot Menu, click Boot Mode and select “UEFI”.

If you downloaded PC Health Check App, and check that your PC is eligible to upgrade to Windows 11, I also get this error, so today I will explain to you how to fix it.

upgrade to Windows 11


I have download Windows 11 ISO preview version, to upgrade windows 10 to 11 and I have got the below error.

download Windows 11 ISO

What is the simple method? We will use the bootable Windows 11 USB pin drive, if you have an old Windows 10 DVD simply open it on your system, and then copy the appraiserres.dll from the sources directory and then paste it in the source directory in the Windows 11 ISO bootable USB pin drive.
If you do have not Windows 10 DVD, then simply click here to download appraisers.dll file. Then, copy, and paste it into Windows 11 USB source directory.
When I started upgrading my Windows 10 OS to Windows 11, I have got this error This PC can’t run Windows 11 and this pc must support TPM 2.0.


My current Windows 10 version.

Windows 10 version


This PC Can’t Run Windows 11

Insert Windows 10 CD/DVD into the drive, open your CD/DVD drive and then open the sources directory.
Find appraiserres.dll file and then copy it.

Run Windows 11


If you don’t have Windows 10 DVD then click this link to download the appraiserres.dll file.
Open your download folder, extract the downloaded file and then copy the appraiserres.dll file.

download the appraiserres dll file


I am using a USB Windows 11 Bootable drive.
Insert your Windows 11 Bootable pin drive to your system and go to the ‘sources’ folder and paste (appraiserres.dll file).

USB Windows 11 Bootable drive


Choose to Replace the files in the destination option.

Replace the files in the destination option


Now go back to your Windows 11 USB bootable media and then run setup.exe

Windows 11 USB bootable media


Windows 11 preparing

Windows 11 preparing


Windows 11 setup, choose the radio button (Recommended), and then choose next.

Windows 11 setup


Accept Microsoft license.

Accept Microsoft license Windows 11


Now Windows 11 is ready to upgrade, select install.

Windows 11 is ready to upgrade


Installing Windows 11.

Installing Windows 11


Restarting PC.

Restarting PC


Windows 11 Working on updates.

Windows 11 Working on updates


Enter your password to log in. (Admin account)

Enter your password to log in Windows 11


Wait to complete the process.

Wait to complete the process Of Windows 11


Finely we have successfully upgraded Windows 10 to Windows 11.

upgraded Windows 10 to Windows 11

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