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Five New Marketing Trends That Every Digital Marketing Consultant of A Business Must Know

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Digital marketing continues to change and remains fast as it keeps up with the new updates to existing systems and the trends. It’s important to remain updated with the newest strategies which will be beneficial for businesses to reach new audiences. Maintaining a level of knowledge with the marketing trends to help a business stay relevant over their competition. A business is advised to hire a dependable digital marketing consultant to help guide them in the path that they should take in this vast space.

Since the digital marketing industry is fast-paced, ever-changing, and constant, businesses must be able to remain flexible to avoid losing money in marketing. Companies like JSA Interactive focus on employing methods that are updated to stay competitive and relevant. A digital marketing consultant must be able to help the business navigate its way through the digital space and ensure a positive return of investment.

The approaches, methods, trends, and tools continue to evolve which means there is a need to have fast-learning skills. A business must be flexible to changes and innovate to make sure that it will not be left in the dust while bleeding money.

New Digital Marketing Trends That Businesses Must Look Into


Conversational marketing is an approach that is focused on addressing the needs of its customers. This marketing trend allows businesses to adapt to their customers’ needs. This approach can be done through conversational messaging and interfaces, as well as search query processing. A business may use a chatbot which addresses the queries of customers to ensure that they are able to quickly respond to customers and not lose them.

Artificial intelligence fuels the growth of conversational marketing. The main goal of this trend is to have a conversational approach to potential customers while customizing their responses in real-time.

Data-Driven Marketing

Content marketing is not an optional decision for most businesses nowadays. It has become a vital tool that a digital marketing consultant uses in every business he or she manages. Content marketing has become a crucial factor that is present in the digital age. Businesses online will presumably deploy content marketing strategies in some shape or form.

Almost every other business websites are releasing content to gather potential customers and to ascertain its brand among the crowd. But the question that lingers is how would the brand set itself apart using content marketing. This where data is heavily needed.

What makes the simplest content marketing method unique and effective instead of just simply churning out of content is the utilization of a data-driven marketing strategy. Everyone can easily produce content and upload it to all the platforms available online. To achieve success in content marketing, using data enables a business to maneuver its content development and maintain relevancy over its competitors.

A data-driven content strategy has a clearer vision of consumers and the market. Data aids the content development aligns its goals to measurable indicators and improves strategies in every content released online.

In the digital marketing space, there is a growing movement in which data is analyzed before any marketing planning is done. A digital marketing consultant can use the results of the analysis and use it as a basis in the development of a concise content marketing plan. The data gathered on the implementation of the plan will also be analyzed to make sure that the plan is moving towards a better possibility of success.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the best ways to implement a digital marketing strategy is to have a clear plan and a comprehensive strategy. Content development and distribution are often a daunting task. It is also a time-consuming process, especially if a marketer doesn’t utilize the right tools and automation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in content marketing. Various websites, businesses, and apps have started to specialize in the collection of data from consumer behavior. 

These collected data needs to be processed. Due to the multitude of data available it will be very difficult for humans to process it. It is possible but errors will be great and will take more time. This is why AI becomes very useful with the trend moving towards a data-focused marketing method.

AI technology is gaining attention from various industries, which includes the digital marketing industry. Learning machines are using data to gain insights and research patterns. The data will be translated into comprehensive reports.

AI is often very helpful in helping businesses on their journey involving content marketing. The creation of high-quality content is important in every business. AI is valuable in researching topics that are trending, as well as gather the newest information in the industry and optimizing content headlines. It’s also valuable in using automation for faster distribution of content to social media, syndication websites, and another web 2.0 platforms.

AI is not only helpful in content distribution but also in making the workflow more efficient. AI can also be utilized to determine the proper demographic where it will be more suitable to produce the content with a higher possibility of gaining leads.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM)is mostly helpful in business-to-business types of enterprise. It is very effective in the B2B marketing strategy. ABM uses content to specifically target a selected client or account. The content created for the ABM method is exclusive and personalized to the target clients. The content focuses on addressing the target client’s needs.

ABM requires a highly customized approach in every target account. The content created for ABM has to be tailored to inform the target account of how their service can aid in resolving the pain points of their business. The resolution for the client’s pain points is detailed into a content that they will easily digest. The distribution of the content is often done through email and other digital advertising methods where it is aimed at the target client.

The personalization of the contents is often created by specifically addressing the target client’s unique needs in the introduction of the content. The resolution for the target account’s predicaments is often placed on the conclusion of the content. Using case studies associated with the target client is additionally a great topic to start out with.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the essential strategy that every business must utilize and a marketing method that is never going away. SEO can be defined as a way of accelerating a website’s ranking result on the first pages of a search engine to drive traffic. This definition is often possible in all types of businesses.

A digital marketing consultant must be an expert in SEO before becoming knowledgeable in other areas. SEO aims to drive organic traffic and build brand awareness. Superficial SEO methods only specialize in driving traffic while forgetting the second imperative.

When using these four marketing strategies to gather new clients, it’s important that there’s consistency across the methods. There must be a cohesive goal for every strategy which must serve the aim of building rapport with the audience. The best way to fully utilize the four strategies is to combine them in a comprehensive manner.

Gather data about the industry and consumer behavior. After the data is gathered, utilize AI to automate the analysis process. The result of the analysis can be used to develop a client persona that can be utilized to identify and target a client. Create a personalized content which can be created as an article and a video.

To make video marketing effective, SEO can be used to reach the maximum effect of the campaign.






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