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Five Easy Tips to Promote Your Event Toronto

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Promote Your Event Toronto

No matter how great your event is, without guests, even the most perfectly planned event is doomed to fail. Although, there are various events when attendance is mandatory, such as, for a training seminar put on by a company for their employees, unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

So, rather than struggling between the fact whether they will come or not, try focusing on drawing people to your event. Which is why promotion is important, and promoting an event becomes the key to any successful, profitable event. The options and strategies for event promotion are unlimited, and even with a tight budget, it is crucial to aim for making a big impact.

These 5 easy tips will help you to attract a larger audience to your event:

1. Discuss Promotion with Your Client

It is one of the important things, that you should keep in mind while planning the promotion of any event. Make sure to discuss all the available options when it comes to promotion strategies for the event, because in the end, it is their event. Give your client alternatives and make sure that you are both remain on the same page. Another important thing that needs to be discussed with the clients is budget. After all, it is your client’s money, and you don’t want to disagree after spending it on something without their approval.

2. Know Your Audience

The audience is the heart of any event, which is why this simple tip will go a long way towards the success of your upcoming event. And knowing your potential audience is the first step to building a relationship with them. You can do that by finding out what they do for a living, who they are friends with, or what their hobbies are, and where they spend their free time. Sometimes, just a little research can help answer these questions, but still try to be more involving, and take the time to sit down and have a conversation with them to fill in the blanks. Eventually, it will help you to draw them towards your event.

3. Sell Special Tickets

Plain old tickets are all right, but why use them when you can go for extra glamor. Not to mention, if you really want to strive and boost your sales for an event, consider creating extra-ordinary things.

The following are some special tickets that can give your event audience or buyers a gentle nudge towards it. Also, you could get help from ticket printing in Toronto, so that it becomes easy for you to print the tickets:

  • Early Bird Tickets

These are the discounted tickets, which reward people for acting fast. Here, you can set a limited number of tickets for early sale, but keep in mind that they have to be priced below the price of standard tickets. People who buy your “Early bird” tickets get to save money while you get an early attraction in selling out your event.

  • Group Tickets

Why not tempt your guests or audience to bring their friends along? You can easily do that by making it cheaper to buy multiple tickets as a group. This way, people have motivation to spread the word and invite someone they know, giving you some free publicity, and more audience in the process.

  • Ticket Bundles

Bundling, some sort of merchandise, drinks, etc., with the ticket purchase is a good way to attract an audience to the events. For instance, “Buy a ticket and get your first drink for free” is an attractive value proposition. Selling ticket bundles also helps you get a general idea of the food and merchandise, according to people’s interest in them.

  • VIP Tickets

These tickets are the exact opposite of discounted tickets. This is because, VIP tickets cost more than general admission tickets, but people who buy them get special privileges like better seating or a quicker way inside the venue. That is up to you and your creativity.

Don’t ignore or neglect these special tickets during your planning of promotion, as they can do wonders for your audience.

4. Effective Direct Mail

Due to its direct and swift reach, direct mail can be one of the most effective marketing activities. Although, it can be a bit costly upfront, and also, there is no guarantee of whether your guest will get your message or not. But on the other hand, with digital information overload in social media and email inbox, direct mail also offers a way to reach your target without being lost among thousands of tweets, updates, and emails. Additionally, an effective design and an invitation with a trackable link to see how effective a direct mail campaign was can give you a wonderful lift in your event registrations.

5. Make It Personal

Everyone can agree on the fact, that our own lives are the most important ones. So, create a sense of uniqueness for your audience, such as why should they attend your event? Which they can’t possibly ignore, it will help you grab their attention as well as work in your favor for the event’s promotion.

So, while promoting your event, you just have to focus on all the benefits that people will get by attending your event, because ultimately these advantages will attract your target audience.

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