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Fashion Trend Of Coloured Lenses In 2019

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What Are Coloured Lenses? Lenses that are specially designed and developed in order to make the wearer change their eye colour. They can be worn for special events or on regular basis depending on the choice of the wearer.

People often purchase coloured lenses for these two main purposes: Prescription and Fashion Prescription: For issues involving vision defects such as astigmatism, myopia (short sightedness), hyperopta (long sightedness).

Prescription coloured lenses can be purchased but it’s quite rare to find one for astigmatism and recommendation must be from a professional optician before usage. Fashion (Cosmetic): Some wearers without eye defects still use coloured lenses for the sake of fashion and trends.

Specifically designed for cosmetic purposes are the Piano lenses or Power 0.00 as it fondly called since it has no vision correction feature.  

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Types OfColoured Lenses Includes Visibility Tinted Lenses:

Designed by choice for people who are not comfortable with eye colour change but prefer a bluish tint or feint green, reason is because it aids the wearer to easily insert or remove and it can still be used after losing lens.

Opaque Tinted Lenses: Recommended for people with darker eyes, this set of coloured lenses has a non-transparent tint which allows for total eye colour alteration. With a range of colours to choose from which includes hazel, grey, brown, blue and green.

For costume and film stage or novelty purposes like vampire or cat eye awesome for fancy dresse then opaque tinted lenses are the best. Enhancement tinted Lenses: For people with a pale shade of eye colour who desire to make it more visible, this set of lenses is the best bet since its fully transparent and it enhances your natural eye colour.  

Recent Fashion Trend ForColoured Lenses

Even in the midst of rapid influx of incoming and outgoing fashion trends, the tortoiseshell pattern remains undoubtedly a trend that has come to dwell. From Cat eye glasses to flashy headbands, tortoise pattern have always symbolized luxury and class since it blends with almost every skin tone.

2019 will be experiencing a huge comeback with this pattern even if it was least expected.  Every ardent reader and follower of runway events, tabs and fashion magazines would attest to the fact that what usually steal the shows are tortoise jewelries; sleek patterned studs, necklaces and big dangly earrings.

This trend will soon be found in every faucet of fashion as coloured lenses have had its own share of the tortoise pattern innovation in 2019.   

The tortoise pattern comes in special designs like a blend of brown and multiple yellow tones to give a speckled look. They are more subtle with browns but quite bold with yellow and black which contrasts each other. 

After discovering a perfect blend of tortoise statement piece (Combination of the yellows or browns) its now time to find a coloured lens to compliment your looks. Coloured lenses such as SoloticaHidrocorAvela, Anesthesia Addict Arena have been proven to be one of the leading brands in fashion trend of coloured lenses in 2019.

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