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Experiencing the Walk of Life of an Insurance Agent for a Day

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Insurance agent’s day doesn’t start as a normal office routine. The moment he enters his office, there is no surety even if he can place his stuff on his desk. The holy grail of every Insurance agent is to get as much business as they can. And, to attain this success and their desired goal their majority of time is spent outside the office, visiting client’s location, or a filling ample paperwork of some clients, or organizing an insurance event.

For many agents, their daily routine starts with spending most of his schedule filling those stacks of forms every day. Mosst of the life-insurance agent’s work schedules go by filling and re-filling of the forms and arranging much other paperwork.

Now, most of us work like for 8hours to 10hours a day. Half of those hours of work schedule of an insurance agents drains away filling out forms. The rest one to two hours of their schedules is fixed meeting various clients. And the left 2% of the time is consumed to answer nature’s calls, text and call their families and friends, grab a quick bite and share some chucklesome moments with their co-workers.

Here we give the struggle-full day of a dedicated Insurance Agent :

An Archetypal Day of an Insurance Agent

A normal day or a routine day of an insurance work begins with attending a lot of calls, replying a gamut of e-mails, meeting a clique of clients, following-up and sharing some important information. All this actually too exhausting for any human being, but when all this hard work pays-off it all looks worth the efforts.

Managing Old Business and Making New Business = oodles of paperwork

Imagine yourself juggling between phone calls, emails, texts and alot of paperwork throughout for your existing clients(sending renewal notices, policy changes newsletters), new clients(policy quotations, welcome letter) and potentially active ex-clients(sending updates regarding policies, follow-up and regret messages). Sounds tough? This is just a part of the work an Insurance agent, be it any kind of clients, the pain taken of each of them by an insurance agent is just the same. This is just one part of the juggle between managing the clients done by Insurance agent. They need to answer and clarify every bit of queries be it regarding car insurance or Mobile Home insurance Ireland or any other insurances via calls, texts, and e-mails.

Every agent has their certain type of clients that needs auxiliary attention than other clients require, and this work needs a lot of patience and time. Around 98% of the time of every Insurance agent is consumed to give the undivided attention to each and every client in order to convert their prospects and make a business from their clients.

Having a plethora of clients to deal with, a gamut of e-mails, a never-ending stack of paperwork a work of an Insurance agent is it for car insurance Ireland or Caravan Insurance or mobile home insurance Ireland or any other insurance as a matter of fact.

And, between these client meetings, paperwork is more e-mails to reply, calls to attend. Honestly, 98% of a day is consumed with tasks related to clients.

Upgrading their knowledge and education regarding insurance

Some companies like Britton Insurance emblodens its insurance agents to have an evening session with their mentors upgrading their facts and figures related to car insurance over dinner and drinks. So, in the evenings or nights, an Insurance agent of a good company like Britton Insurance often attend professional association’s meetings and networking events. Networking is a VERY IMPORTANT part in the life of Insurance agents and the good ones are very well aware of this fact.

Some of the masterminds, often attend different groups of professionals across the Globe with a motive of increase and make their networking rock-strong.

David Clarke an insurance blogger/consultant

This is what an Insurance agent do in a day. When we cribble, curse or argue with the insurancw agent about the through the roof quotations, or some other ammendments in the policies or for any other related matters, we actually forget that the pain we are taking for our policies the Insurance agent actually takes 200% more of this pain. Because a happy customer is always profitable for him and the company.

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