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Erectile Dysfunction And Medical Field

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Medical Field

The existence of a human being somehow depends on the advancement of the medical field. If we have a look at the history of human being we find out many occasions on which deadliest diseases attack human beings. Because of which the number of people gets died and if we talk about these disease in current days it gets cured only with one dose of medicine. The main reason behind all this is an advancement in the medical field. From the start of human existence, the development in the medical field get started people use different home remedies to cure different diseases in the start but as time passes more advanced medicine came into the market. What these medicines do is they uplift the health standers of human beings.

Erectile dysfunction:

Human beings face different kind of health problems from start but some problems shown up in the modern era due to different external factors. One of which is erectile dysfunction, sex is one of the most pleasurable things in human beings life. It is important for both male and female but some time people face some problems to perform this activity.

It could happen for many reasons but one of them is erectile dysfunction. In this problem, a person is unable to hold the erection of its penis and it gets soft before the penetration which causes a problem during intercourse.

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If we talk about how a penis gets erect is due to sexual thoughts or direct contact with a person penis. When this happened the muscles of person penis get relax due to which the flow of blood in the arteries of a person penis gets increased and it will help him to get an erection and perform sex.

So there are some physical and psychological reasons why people did not get an erection. One of the main reasons is if a person gets an injury and it affects its arteries and stops the blood flow in a person penis. Along with that, there are some other circumstances as well which cause erectile dysfunction which includes stress, anxiety, diabetics, and hypertension. In some cases, age also plays a vital role in erectile dysfunction along with that excessive drug, alcohol, and smoking also cause erectile dysfunction as well.

If we talk about psychological factors then a bad relationship status or past may also cause erectile dysfunction in a person for that you have to visit a doctor for proper treatment. In other cases, there are several medicines which can help you correct this problem lets View Medicines which provide help in curing this problem.

Medicine for erectile dysfunction:

When we talk about erectile dysfunction the medicine which came into our mind is Viagra but it has some side effect as well. But now there are several other medicines in the market like Cialis and generic Levitra. These are some medicines which help people to get out of the problem of erectile dysfunction but it will not help out if a person did not have a wish for sex in that case these medicines will not help.

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