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September 28, 2021

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Easy Tips to Enhance Your Home Security

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Every homeowner dreads burglars’ intrusion. As such, you should endeavor to beef up your home security to keep intruders at bay. Unless your home and surrounding environment is a fortress, intruders only need a hammer or glass cutter to access your house.

Installing metal grills and bars on the windows and bars may not be sufficient. Having an alarm system may also be deficient unless you complement it in any of the following ways:

#1 Fix secure lock systems 

Typical knob and key locks are easy to manipulate and break. The keeper is secured by few screws, which can be pulled with minimum effort. Enhance your doors with secure, reliable, mortice locks.

 Once locked, the bolt projects into a slot in the jamb. A key is needed to open the lock. Therefore, breaking the door, and turning the knob, or breaking the glass casing can’t open the lock. 

Insurance providers like home insurance hershey pa demand homeowners to install mortice locks on the doors because they’re most secure than regular ones.

Remember to secure the windows with locks, closing from inside, secure casing, or installing sash windows.

#2 Let there be light

Intruders hide under cover of darkness. Therefore, flood the area around your home with plenty of security light. You may enhance lighting by installing indoor lamps that automatically turn on and off or are triggered by a time switch.

You may also install floodlights at designated points around the house. These lights trigger an alarm and light up when the sensors detect body heat within its view. And because burglars are stealth, they’ll keep off your home.

#3 Install smart alarm system

Most insurance providers make it mandatory for homeowners to install a dialer or smart burglar alarm. Enhance the alarms with dummy boxes fixed on walls. Solar-powered boxes produce flashing lights giving an impression that they are functioning. 

Security systems work as a deterrent for burglars. A well-secured and maintained burglar security alarm attracts a discount for a homeowner insurance provider.

#4 Hide valuables from view

Laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, money, and jewelry are the sort of valuables burglars seek. Don’t give them bait by keeping them within reach and view. Instead, keep them under a secure lock and key. Keep money in safes. The key safe should be far from windows or furniture where intruders cannot fish them out through the opening.

# 5 Use barriers to secure your compound

A fence demarcates barriers. Plant a live fence, install a chain link, or build a wall around your home. Further, you may top it with glass, spikes, or barbed wire to make it harder for intruders to jump over the fence.

Choose live fence, or hedges adorned with vicious spikes and thorns and give intruders a hard time accessing your compound. However, maintaining hawthorn, japonica, and other such thorny hedges can be a nasty affair. You may suffer pricks and piercings through your gloves.

Your home is a haven for you and your loved ones. Purchasing homeowner insurance is an excellent security measure but beefing up security with these tips goes a long way to guaranteed safety.

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