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Doubts To Clear Before Opting For Hair Growth Pills

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Like every other vital organ, our hair needs vitamins and minerals for proper growth and sustenance. The majority of our hair issues arise due to a lack of essential nutrients. Perhaps, this is the main reason behind the rapid popularity of hair growth supplements.

We all have seen a wide spectrum of gummies, tablets, and probiotic pills running high in the name of hair growth pills.  All these alluring advertisements and colourful varieties with a tad bit of celebrity endorsements, the tablets have certainly taken a particular seat in our minds.

Who would not like to get rid of all their hair issues at once?

Yes, this very promise of boosting hair growth and healthy lush locks are the main reason behind the immense popularity of hair growth pills. While factors such as age, hormones, and deficiencies have marred our hair growth, these pills emerged as a true warrior against them. But, like every other chemical supplement, these pills pose several questions regarding their after-effects and credibility.

For helping you in getting an in-depth idea of what these hair growth pills have in them, here are some of the viable explanations of queries regarding them:

Will these pills grow your hair faster?

The very purpose of vitamins and hair supplements is to improve your hair’s condition by nourishing them with vitamins, biotins, folic acids, etc. needed for proper growth. These pills are not magical and work gradually over time. After regular consumption for a while, your hair starts showing hair growth and damage repair.

Do hair growth pills work for real?

Your body has already stocked up a balanced amount of vitamins needed for growth. In case your hair problems are due to the lack of such nutrients, these pills are going to work. In most of the cases our body excretes the excess of vitamins, the capsules become useless if you are healthy. Doctors clearly state that excess vitamin and mineral intake can be harmful too. Basically, these pills will work for real only if you have a real nutrient deficiency.

How do I know that I need these pills?

Our body starts showing signs of any nutrient deficiency. There are common symptoms such as lack of appetite, frequent illnesses, hair loss, skin dryness, etc. Lack of nutrients can be marked by excessive abnormal stress, headache, and significant hair loss too. Do pay a visit to your local pediatrician for the checkup before starting with the pills.

How long do these supplement pills need to work?

The working of a hair growth supplement is a gradual process. If your body lacks any nutrients, it narrows down the supply of nutrients to your hair to replenish your vital organ’s need. Hence, once your body regains its normal state, your hair is next on the line. Usually, the pills start working after a period of 15 to 20 days after the date of initiation.

What is the correct dosage of hair growth pills?

Hair supplements need doctor’s supervision too. Consult your pediatrician and show him your blood reports. Based on your deficiency and requirement of the nutrient intake, the doctor will suggest the right dosage and other particulars.

What are the best hair growth pills?

With a wide variety of options to choose from, it becomes challenging to choose the right hair growth pills. Do not fall for flashy advertising and catchphrases. Buy trusted brands’ products. Different pills are meant to fulfill different requirements of your body, hence go through all the necessary information before purchasing a random tablet.

Hair growth pills are your one step towards getting absolutely healthy, strong, and shining hair. However, the pills require a cautious approach after and before purchasing. Make sure the intake is regulated and beneficial for your hair and overall well being.

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