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Dog Mesh For The Safety Of Your Best Friend

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As dog owners, we know our canine friends, just like people have their personalities. Some dogs may be sneaky escape artists, and some may be less interested in escaping your property. Our task is to help you build an enclosure to let your dogs run and play outdoors comfortably. In some puppies, fencing can be a big challenge compared to an adult dog’s fence. We feature kits and components with many different strengths in breaking and opening sizes.

We are the most significant business that offers this specialty form of dog fencing and have done so longer than anyone else. We offer professional-grade do it yourself with dog fence kits and materials designed for standard tools to be installed. Compare then give us a call with questions; we ‘re happy to explain how your project is to be completed.

About Dog Mesh

Most of our dog mesh kits contain fencing that is overlapped on top of the ground and with ground stakes fixed to the ground. That is useful for dogs as it protects changes in elevation and prevents the dogs from using their noses to find their way out under the fence, or from digging out to get out.

  • Our fencing is mostly flexible. That is vital because your dog can run full speed into the fence and bounce off the fence without getting hurt.
  • You can mount it on trees since this fencing is flexible. That’s significant because the fencing will move with the trees as trees move and sway in the wind.
  • It also perfectly blends into a tree line. It also spares you the extra cost of fence posts, hopefully giving your dogs a more significant area to run freely. Consider using 8ga monofilament tension cable, if you decide to install it on trees. Like our fencing, it is also lightweight but adds extra protection.
  • They can make our fences temporary or permanent, removable for storage.
  • We specialize in and only ship dog fencing mesh with 2 “or smaller opening size. The higher the opening size, the less leverage the dog can get for biting with their jaws. Additionally, with slight opening size fences, animals are less likely to get stuck or tangled up inside the fence itself.

These fences are designed not only to keep in animals such as dogs but also other wildlife such as deer OUT. If you can exclude deer and other wildlife, you are even eliminating ticks and the dangerous diseases they carry

Dog Mesh With Best Shipping Services

We build and ship our wholesale goods directly from 3 coast-to-coast locations. Most orders are delivered within 24 hours, arriving within three business days.

Rental? Need a dog fence or a portable dog fence? All our dog fences can be permanently installed or removable if necessary. Using galvanized locking sleeve spikes provided for permanent or temporary use of the fence. A good example could be to set up a fence when the relatives visit the dogs and take it down when they leave.

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