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Do You Know What is Causing Your Hair Loss?

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If you are experiencing hair loss, the first thing that comes to mind is “what can I do to solve this?” The causes of hair loss can be simple and sometimes even preventable.

The most common types of hair loss are hereditary and hormonal in nature. Hormonal in nature means that your body is not producing as much of the hormone that is responsible for maintaining your hair. This is often hereditary.

Hormones are natural hormones that help control all the processes of your body. When they are not produced the correct amount or don’t have the proper effect on your body at the right time, the hair follicles simply stop growing new hair.

Whether or not hair loss is genetic can only be determined after an extensive biopsy has been done. Once this has been accomplished, it is possible to determine whether or not the cause of hair loss is hormonal or genetic. A hair analysis can be performed if a doctor suspects that hair loss is due to hormonal factors.

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However, this is not the only cause of hair loss. For example, if you use something called a “hair straightener” then your hair will become limp and lifeless. These devices have the potential to cause hair loss.

The products that you use to straighten your hair can also be what causes your hair to break. This is another type of hair loss that can be prevented. You should get your hair styled professionally at least once a month.

If the cause of hair loss is genetic and hormonal, then it could be devastating to lose your hair. However, if the cause is simply something that you used incorrectly, then there is a lot that you can do about it.

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When you are dealing with the loss of your hair, whether it is permanent or temporary, then prevention is the best way to deal with hair loss. Doing something to stop the loss of your hair will have you feeling more confident again.

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