September 18, 2021

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Do Boxing Gloves Do More Damage?

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Boxing has become a very prominent game these days and it has gained a huge number of fans following like other games. It seems to be fun watching a boxing match. But have you ever thought about the fact that how safe is boxing? As every one of us is familiar with the fact that boxing gloves provide protection and safety to the hands. 

On the other side, the majority of the people do not even understand how much damage the boxing gloves can do to a boxer. “Yes,” boxing gloves do more damage to other organs else than protecting the hands. As the boxing gloves add more mass and weight to the hands, which contribute to brain damage as well as cause damage to face. 

Initially, the boxing matches were played without gloves but with the latest trend’s gloves became essential for a boxing match. People think that hands’ bones are more sensitive as well as need extra protection, but when a punch hits the head it can cause severe damage to the brain. 

Boxing gloves are also essential in a boxing match because it was illegal to play a boxing match without gloves. However, it depends on various other factors and techniques that a player applies while playing. Few factors can greatly contribute to causing more damage while boxing. 

What Damages Boxing Gloves Can Cause?


  • Brain Damage/Injury

One of the most prominent damage the boxing gloves cause is brain damage. As the boxing gloves add more mass to the punch and when it hits the head it damages the skull bone. The skull protects the brain as well as when it gets damaged with constant punching it gets cause serious damage to the brain. The brain damage is a serious issue as well as it can lead to severe problems. 

  • Nose Bleeding

Another very common damage that boxing gloves can cause is the nose injury. Nose is one of the common victims of constant punching. It can be easily targeted by your opponent, so boxing gloves can cause serious damage to the nose as well. 

  • Face Damage 

Other than nose damage boxing gloves can cause damage to other parts of the face. The boxing gloves are more forceful and five to ten times more powerful than without gloves. It can cause damage to eyes, teeth, or mouth, which overall becomes painful. 

Factors that Contribute in Damage 

Other than that, few factors contribute to causing damage. 

  • Consider Boxing as a Career

If you are a professional boxer or trying to get into this field then you are more prone to damage. The professional boxers need to practice continuously as well as they have to participate in fights. So, there are more chances that they are more likely to get damaged their body or mind. A professional boxer is more likely to get brain injuries, face injuries or an injury to any other organ of the body. 

  • Take it as a Defensive Method 

When you are in an actual fight or boxing match there are more chances to get injured by an opponent. When your opponent applies some defensive techniques such as making use of elbows then you are more likely to get more damage. The primary organs that are easily damaged are the brain and the nose. As the punching using the boxing gloves are more powerful. It can cause more damage to the brain as well as other organs.

  • When Sweat Combines with the Boxing 

Wearing the boxing gloves for a longer time means a lot of sweat combines with the gloves. When the hand or the punching gloves becomes wet it gains more mass. As a result, punching becomes more forceful and powerful. The sweaty hand or the gloves become another prominent factor that contributes to causing the damage to the boxer. 

How to Avoid such Damage caused by Boxing Gloves?

The damage caused or the chances of damage can be reduced by overcoming a few things. As a professional boxer is already trained and know various techniques for boxing. He should apply such techniques for safe punching, which in return can cause less damage to the opponent as well as the boxer. 


Although boxing is a famous sport, as well as many people, take it as a profession. In the beginning, the boxing matches were held bare-fisted. But considering the safety purpose of the hands, the boxing gloves become essential for a boxing match. As the boxing gloves protect the hands on the other side, they contribute to damaging other body organs. 

Brain damage is one of the organs that get greatly damaged by boxing gloves. thus, a boxer needs to follow some precautions and techniques so that it can help reduce the chances of damage.

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