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Discover Ways To Get A Low Maintenance Landscape

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Low Maintenance Landscape

Every property owner desires to have a great landscape. However, sometimes, factors such as the hot dry summer and wet freezing winter don’t make this possible. Fortunately, there are various ways to get a get low maintenance landscape with the help of professionals. Check out the various ways to get a landscape that won’t drive you broke with maintenance costs.

Go native with plants

It is a wonderful idea to add native plants to your landscape. With these, you’ll forget all about dying because of the cold winter weather or the hot summer. Local plants are used to the prevailing climate and will thrive in your landscape with little maintenance. Native plants are adapted to the local soils, pests, and low rainfall. You will spend limited time fertilizing, watering, and handling. The situation would have been different if you had opted for foreign plants.

Xeriscape your garden

This is a low-maintenance landscape design that survives on using little water. A xeriscape garden thrives during droughts because it focuses heavily on including hardscapes and drought-tolerant plants. The landscape is usually full of cold-hardy succulent plants which are drought resistant including cactus. Other plants that might be included in a xeriscape garden include blooming plants, plump succulents, and ornamental grass.

Go Mediterranean

For areas with prolonged drought seasons, Mediterranean landscape design themes are a good solution. This entails heavy use of hardscapes and drought-resistant plants to create a garden with a Mediterranean environment. Your garden will have various drought-resistant features including gravel, a tiered fountain, and citrus trees.

Make a container garden

Apart from planting flowers and garden plants in the ground, consider designing an outdoor container garden for easy maintenance. The container garden can have plants in planters, pots, and repurposed containers.  A container is easy to access for people with mobility problems compared to a traditional garden.

There’s no need to tend or plant them while on the knees. Besides, it is so easy to switch out a plant that dies or fill it with others having different colors at particular times of the year. When seasons change and winter comes, a container garden is easy to move indoors. This protects your plants from freezing.

Use mulch

Another solution to low maintaining your garden plants is to add a layer of mulch. This will significantly lower the time you’re likely to spend walking in your garden watering or removing weeds. Mulch helps plants retain moisture and smothers weeds. So, a garden with mulch doesn’t need regular watering and weeding. Fortunately, mulch comes in various options including wood chips and bark while inorganic mulch includes rubber and rocks.

Irrigation system

When not bothered about a high water bill at the end of the month, consider using an automatic irrigation system to water plants in your garden. When the dry season comes, setting the time on the sprinklers will protect your plants from drying out. Additionally, you won’t have to keep worrying about your plants dying out. Irrigating your garden increases the water bill but the sprinklers increase property value and saves you from having to water the garden plants manually.

Opt for hardscapes

A hardscape is a feature in your landscape that is not a plant. It can be a pathway, retaining wall, pergola, or patio. The beauty of hardscapes is not involving garden plants that need regular attention. Just occasional cleaning is all you need to maintain a hardscape. You can have a wood hardscape that needs staining or painting after a few years. Hardscapes enhance property value while creating a beautiful space for spending time outdoors when the weather is warm.

Get a rock garden

Just like hardscapes, you can also have a rock garden to replace regular plants that need watering and trimming. A rock garden includes maintenance-free stones, boulders, and gravel. To get a touch of green, you can have some drought-tolerant plants in the garden. A rock garden creates a relaxing space where to wind down after a hard day at work. Fortunately, there’s no more worry about having to put in the effort to keep your garden alive when you have a rock garden.

Go creatively artificial

Even without enough rain to support your garden plants, you can get a nice-looking yard  with artificial elements. Artificial grass has the same look throughout the year without having to worry about maintenance costs. Apart from eliminating the need to water the grass, there’s no need for mowing. Besides, artificial grass is a great idea when you have kids and pets running around the yard. You won’t have to worry about damage to your grass leading to costly landscape issues.

A nice-looking yard is every property owner’s dream. Don’t let the fear of maintenance costs and tasks hinder you from getting a wonderful outdoor environment. Ideas such as a Mediterranean landscape or xeriscaping are ideal for a drought-prone area.

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