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Details about the Online Application for an Indian Tourist Visa

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Indian Tourist Visa

From last years, India is heading towards development and due to this developing face, most of the foreign countries are getting attracted towards the Indian culture, Indian economy. Additional hi, several foreign business entities are willing to explore their business in the Indian country. In order to visit another country from the home country, it is important to have a visa. Applying for a Visa and its confirmation take a lot of days. In order to reduce this problem, the Indian government has given a great facility called a tourist visa. The E tourist visa is available for all those people who want to visit India for majorly three purposes. The three purposes include business, tourism and medical conditions. If a person wants to visit the Indian country for business or tourism purpose then he will be allowed to get two entries in one year with the help of the tourist visa. Additionally, if a person is willing the Indian country for any medical purpose then the Indian government has decided a provision to provide him with a maximum of three entries in a year.

An Easy Procedure To Apply For The E Tourist Visa:

Along with this e visa facility, the Indian government has also enhanced the method of applying for e visa. Yes, now a resident of any foreign country can fill up the online application for an Indian tourist visa just by residing in his own country and without visiting the Indian mission. Additionally, he can easily avail all the details via email and can also pay the Indian online tourist visa fees with the help of his debit card, credit card or any other net banking services. The process of applying for E visa is also not so much huge. The Indian government has decided to keep the applying procedure very simple and easy for all the interested residents.

04 Major Steps Are Included:

Yes, an interested contender can easily apply for the e visa just by visiting the E Visa website and completing the procedure of four stages including

1. Uploading the photograph, passport page,

2. Paying the fees online,

3. Receiving ETA,

4. Fly to India.

These 4 steps must be completed properly otherwise the applying contender may face problems in getting the E Tourist Visa. Additionally, the mail service also helps the residents a lot in getting rid of issues that may arise due to inappropriate uploading of a photograph or incomplete documents.

It is necessary that all documents should be completed appropriately:

Once the applying candidates complete the E Visa Application, the process of scrutinizing gets started. In case there is any sort of mistake found regarding the uploading of photograph or application then an automated email gets sent to the applying party and advising them to rectify their mistake and re-upload the documents and photograph again. Just by completing these simple steps, a person can easily get the India online tourist visa.

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