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Dealing With Social Media and Your Studies Together

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Are you having trouble studying or concentrating on your work? Do you often find that, especially at those times when you are supposed to be studying, your gaze automatically wanders to your phone that, by the way, is conveniently close to you? Have you been noting that you spend more time on social media websites rather than on studies? If that is the case, then you are not really alone.

Most of the people spending their much time on social media and this is the very main reason why their studies distract with it, also have a look on some different watching TV, Urdu News, gossips, TV shows and etc.

These days, social media is touted as being the one, single, and most distracting factor that adversely affects students, their lives and their work productivity. Pointing to alleged facts that suggest that most students spend the greatest amount of their free time online, all such people who feel that it is true, would likewise have you believe that students do nothing all day except spend time on social media websites.

That is not necessarily true though. Even more importantly, it is essential that the society as a whole, begins to change their perceptions regarding social media usage of students. To do that, however, what students need to do is make sure that they manage their studies, and in particular, their written work, all the time ensuring that they can spend some time online, keeping up with their online presence also.

Social Media or Studies: Choosing between the two

If you are one of those who have been a victim of this misguided belief, that students spend excessive amount of time online, it is time to fight back. Social media today is a necessity, so yes, it is important to spend a certain amount of time online every day. With students however, it is just as important to make sure that they give adequate time to studies also. Here is how you need to juggle regular studies, and your online persona, like a pro!

  • Get help if that’s what you need

Of course, to follow this plan through, you need to first make sure that you need assistance. Identify your need for help, as well as the exact areas where you might need assistance, and then get help.

  • Set yourself a timetable

There is no need for you to delete all your online social media accounts just yet of course, but realise that in addition to getting assistance, you must put in some input from your own part, into your work also. So, set yourself a good, old fashioned timetable, incorporate time for both studies and social media usage and live your life to the fullest!

  • Learn to use social media intelligently

Given the power of the social media as well as the millions of benefits it can bring into your life, it is time for you to act intelligently. Make sure that you use the social media as intelligently as possible. Create study groups on Whatsapp and discuss any problems or challenges that you may be facing with your friends so that together you can deal with them better.

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