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Awesomely Creative Ways To Paint A Room-Make Your Quarantine Fun

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Creative Ways To Paint A Room

Creative Ways To Paint A Room

A fresh coat of paint can transform the entire look of your place.  Painting is one of the best remodeling techniques to revive the glory of your place without much investment.  And, yes painting is the easiest and most comfortable thing to do for a homeowner.

But, next time when you hold the brush in your hand, don’t just coat the pain on wall one stroke another but do something innovative.  Don’t know where to take inspiration from?  This article is here to help you.  You can choose your favorite creative ways to paint a room from the list given below!

Wall Striping

Many people want to make their small room look wider, wall striping is the best solution to them.  Choose your favorite colors one lighter and other darker and stripe the wall horizontally or vertically.

The only effort you have to do is to invest your time in preparation i.e., taping, marking and all that stuff. After that, you just have to coat the paint and your room will not only look bigger but beautiful as well.

Two In One Color Contrast

Coloring each wall of the room with different colors is cool, but have you ever tried doing it a bit differently?  Let me tell you how! You can divvy up an open floor plan by coloring one portion of the room including ceiling, floor, and walls with one color and the second portion with a different color.

Accent Walls

It makes a room look amazing, spacious and creates an illusion of two rooms in one. If you are planning to open a restaurant then this painting idea is quite cool to paint your place.

Draw Geometric Patterns In The Room

It isn’t necessary to be very vivid and substitute extra efforts to make your room look charming.  You can do it with a little effort and inspiration too.

geometric room ideas

What’s the best focal point of your room?  For instance, if it’s a shelf, then you can draw geometric patterns behind the shelf and paint them with two contrasting colors.  It will make your room look artistic and give sight to the shelf that wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. For better results, use painting tape and measure everything properly.

High contrasts Looks Fabulous

Hello, all the traditional people out there. The high contrast painting idea is a real treat for you guys.  If you want to make your room look a little taller and graceful then use sharp contrasting colors such as black and white.

Turquoise Color With Tonal Blue Vibes

Use darker hue at the lower portion while light color at the upper one to get satisfactory results. You can either make it is triangular, hexagonal or simple square form according to your taste.

Add Versatility In Texture With A Simple Roller

You do not need to paint your room from scratch to transform its look. You can decorate plain white walls by using a simple roller but innovative.

For instance, you can take a textured roller and stripe up the white walls with different colors vertically to give it an artistic look. Or you can use two contrasting colors and roll over the colors in two stripes consecutively (horizontally) in a zig-zag manner.

Or you can blend a light-toned color with chunks of decorative accents and roll over the walls to give your room a splendid look.

And yes, you can take a sponge and smash it around the white walls of your room. It’s simple and requires less effort but its outcomes are incredibly awesome. Don’t forget to try it.

Hire Professional Painting Services:

If you are not an artist type of person then you can simply hire an interior painting company.  They will paint your place the way you want by using the latest equipment and beautiful color combinations. But it’s important to hire reliable and affordable service providers so take special care while choosing one.


This quarantine is the biggest stress for all of us. It’s a daily routine for introverts but a miserable condition for extroverts.  So, make this time memorable and do something exceptionally amazing with your room at this time. I hope the above-mentioned painting ideas will help you.  Good luck

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